Image Credit: Illustration: Nino Jose Heredia/©Gulf News

Arab citizens are wondering today over what is happening in their different countries and where their problem lies. This problem takes different shapes and forms but has one result: a restless, confused and unstable life.

In Tunisia and Algeria, there have been protests against unemployment, high prices and corruption which claimed the lives of tens of people. In Sudan, an integral and organic part of a free and independent member of the UN is separating, in a dangerous and highly complicated precedent which might take different dimensions in other Arab countries. In Palestine, Arab rights and freedom continue to be violated by the Israeli army and Jewish colonists to the extent that elderly people are killed in their beds without even bothering to check their identity.

In other countries, such as Iraq, Egypt, Yemen and Lebanon, religious tensions pop up every now and then in order to keep the Arab citizen confused and on the verge of being consumed by the cycle of violence. In the meantime, some Arab officials tour western capitals looking for solutions for problems which should be solved from within.

The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visits stable Arab countries inciting regional conflicts in the form of imposing sanctions on a neighbouring country and inciting Sunni-Shiite conflict in order to undermine the region's stability.

She claims that her country and Yemen face "the same threat and the same challenges"; while she finds the demolition of the historical Shepherd Hotel in occupied Jerusalem merely "disturbing". As to the daily killing of Palestinian civilians by her friends, the Jewish colonists, whom her government supports with money and weapons, she does not find that even disturbing.

If some people have been given to mock conspiracy theory, they should know that conspiracy is no longer a theory. Our enemies no longer need to gloss over their plans or delude others. Their victims are so weak and desperate that they no longer need to camouflage their plans. Some Arabs even celebrate the plans which target them in the end, although for now they appear to target their brothers only.

What is the problem? Why are we engulfed with all these dangers, this violence and division? What can we do in order to make a future for our children different from what they see today? How can we protect them from arrogant enemies armed to the teeth with hatred for all of us from the Atlantic to the Gulf?

In order to answer these questions, we should determine first that all Arabs are targeted, that the Palestinians have been, for over 60 years, on the first line of defence for this nation and that if Arabs stand united with them, they can put an end to this project.

The shrinking of free intellectual life and the deterioration of education means an ebbing role of intellectuals and consequently politicians are having a narrower vision at a time when our enemies are making more scientific discoveries and progress. Our society has not evolved from the tribe, the family and the village into a larger homeland where citizenship is paramount and where all differences are sidelined in the higher national interest, with all the cultural, historical, geographical and political implications of this phrase.

Other countries have been inventing the factors which could unify their ranks and creating strong economic blocs to face changes, while Arabs have neglected their common language, geographical proximity and their historical ties and withdrawn into entities made for them by others and into identities continually fragmenting and disintegrating.

Building of colonies

Enemies are assisted in their aggression by those who still wager on the West's friendship; as if they have not seen that the most powerful country in the world was not able to stop building of colonies in Palestine for three months. Is not that in itself a warning sign to all those who wager on the ‘friendship' of this superpower that its alliance with Israel is permanent and that their aggression is not limited to Palestine, South Sudan, Southern Yemen, Egyptian Copts, Lebanon's stability or Iraq's unity?

Their methods also span using armies and waging wars to using professional killers and terrorists, handfuls of dollars, traitors and fifth columnists. The question, however, is not all about infiltration or complicity. It is also about a limited vision and taking the wrong decision at the wrong time. All these lead to the tragedies and exasperate the challenges which Arabs in their different countries face.

While the UN and its decisions still use the veto to prevent the simplest Palestinian rights and prevent the condemnation of their killers, we find Arabs adhering to this organisation in everything that augments their divisions and threatens them. Their enemies, on the other hand, recognise only the resolutions which increase the Arabs' divisions and weaken them. In this context, most Arabs have proven that they do not think and plan strategically. They aim at putting out a fire here while their enemies set up another fire there. They defuse a crisis today while their enemies are planning a bigger crisis for tomorrow. So, what is the problem? Is this a destiny we cannot escape?

Our destiny is that we are the makers of a civilisation thousands of years old; while our enemies want to destroy the human values of this civilisation and replace them with Western values based on war, oppression, assassination and torture taking advantage of weaknesses and the lack of vision on the part of some of our leaders.

The West is celebrating its success in dividing Sudan, as they had danced on the ruins of Palestine and Iraq. Only if the Arabs unite, all these maladies in their countries will disappear. Only then, the Palestinians will not have to face the fiercest occupation with their bare hands and chests; and eleven thousand prisoners will not remain in odious racist prisons. Only then, our children will be able to live in peace, freedom and dignity on their land.