The Hilton heiress epitomises the curse of the modern media and information age, which lets self-promoting celebrities make a living out of being famous.

If Paris Hilton wants to be my Best Friend Forever, she can stick her lipstick in her trousse de maquillage. Before her score of personal assistants run around looking for a French-English dictionary, let me assist: It's French for makeup case - not that I would expect the girl named after the City of Eternal Light to understand that.

I'm sorry, but after two weeks of having my fill of the filly, I want Dubai declared a Paris-free zone.

I've been trying to wrack my brains and figure out what this vacuous Valley Girl is actually famous for, but I find that I am coming up short. I seem to remember a sex video having something to do with her rise to shame.

Please, no more! I surrender. I can't take it.

I can't take anymore of her bimbette insights into the Middle East. I reckon I'd get more insights into the Middle East by reading the menu at my local Eat and Drink outlet than reading this self-promoter pontificate.

I want to turn the page after reading exclusive interviews of her going on and on and on about being a self-made woman.

Listen, kid, you were born with a golden spoon in your mouth and are part of an American dynasty based on a chain of hotels. The only thing self-made about you, in my book, is your endless capacity to make a living out of the fact that you're named after a city and a hotel. Good job you were not born to a Belgian vegetable magnate or your name could very well be Brussels Sprouts.

I know Paris is into new technology and the latest social networking methods - that's how 'twit' got into 'Twitter', isn't it? - and I was just oh soooooooo impressed by her Twitter alert as she got on the Emirates flight from Los Angeles, informing us all that the airline thinks of everything and her little cabin is oh sooooooo nice. Look, I fly economy, I fight for every ounce of possession of my armrest, and I'll quite willingly steal pillows and blankets from the empty seat beside me to make me more comfortable. A second packet of peanuts is pampering.

I think that whoever created reality television needs to get real. I'm really not one bit interested in how Paris spends her life. I'd be quite happy getting etisalat to figure out how to give me television service in my new apartment without having to yell and scream for hours at some customer service representative on the other end of the line.

What I really dislike is the fact that there's a whole score of self-promoting celebrities who make a living out of being famous. Paris Hilton, for me, is the epitome of this curse of the modern media and information age.

Andy Warhol, when he was not painting Campbell's Soup cans, said that everyone has their 15 minutes of fame. That was back in the 1969, when there was just newspapers, radio and television to deal with. Because of the explosion of mass media both in form and outlet, there is an insatiable appetite for fame and celebrity to fill that vacuum. Sadly it's been filled by the vain.

I seem to remember a previous Hilton's foray into television with another of the rich and restless, Nicole Richie, as they travelled across the United States in a pink trailer, doing odd jobs to make ends meet. I'd always flick past that one, though I have a sneaking suspicion it was on my wife's list of favourite programmes.

I'm offended by rich people making a living out of poking fun at the good folks who actually have to work for a living. I'd like to see Paris driving a truck from Dubai to Doha and back over three days for Dh200. I'd love to see her drive a cab, staying on the roads until there is Dh350 on the meter. And all of those night clubs she goes to? How about working as a dishwasher or a washroom attendant?

What I don't want to see are the results of her 20 days of filming in Dubai. I'll be flicking the channel on that one too. And for all those Paris 'fans', why don't you go do something positive and meaningful, like empty the garbage or wash your car. But above all, find someone else to be a Best Friend Forever.

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Well said i think the reason why these 'famous' people are becoming more 'famous" simply because the world is more and more full of fouls
Abu Dhabi,UAE
Posted: June 26, 2009, 11:29