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I disagree and parents should not pressure their children, instead they should aim to always guide them and lead them on to the right path.

From Ms Tessy Max


The dream to be on top of a list is actually a dream for many. However, in order to achieve that, having a positive approach is very vital – allowing your children to do anything and everything is simply not possible. Parents are there to guide children, and similarly, I allow my child to do his best. I believe that if the concept is clear, the grades should not be an issue but obviously, good grades will only follow if the concept is clear. Therefore, learning should be given more importance than grades. Let your children play and have fun, but allot some time for studies. That is the concept I follow when it comes to raising my son, and now, he achieves 80 to 90 per cent, which means that the concept is clear to him.

From Ms Heena Chander Hariramani


This is true to a certain extent. Children have their own ambitions and in my opinion, dreams should not be forced. Nowadays, children are more smart and determined; they have goals and know what they want. Parents can guide them, but should not change their route.

From Mr Ragavan Krishnamachary


Parental pressure only achieves to make children aggressive and frustrated. No matter how dominating parents are, children will do what they want to do. So, it’s better to deal them tactfully and in a friendly way than to force them. Respect them and they will respect you, and by providing unconditional support, they will be able to achieve their goals and fulfil their dreams.

From Ms Afroze Shaikh


It is not as much of parental pressure as it is societal pressure. Any path apart from engineering of medicine is frowned upon. In addition, it is also difficult to find worthy courses in this part of the world. I was interested in astronomy but could hardly to find a suitable local university that offered that.

From Nurshaun


I agree with Ms Afroze. When parents get impulsive with their children, they are forced to act in a way, which is not their own and the end result will not be what they had in mind. Parents must be patient and try to understand their child and the talents that he or she has, and what is suitable for him or her. By understanding the child’s ability, parents can then guide the child in that direction, and adding their own input. However, no parent should compare their child with other children in terms of academia. Let them be successful in their own life, using their strongest talents. The role of parents is only to guide, support and encourages children. When you start loving your children and respecting their dreams and likes, in turn, they will understand your preference and compromise.

From Ms Hannah Mathew

Abu Dhabi

Parents should focus being positive and help guide their children without prompting negativity as opposed to pressuring them because that will only hurt them.

From Ms Anannya Mol

Muscat, Oman

I agree that parental pressure prevents children from following their dreams. Parent should be there to support you but they should not force you or pressure you to follow something that you do not want. My parents always told me “The way you arrange your life, is the way that you will live. Just like the way you arrange your bed, is the way you will sleep.” By following that, I have never felt pressured; I just arrange my life in a way that would not disrespect my family.

From Ms Tanyusha Ivanov


I disagree because if you want to achieve your dream, no one can stop you from doing so. However, when it comes to our parents - they are the ones who know us best, so if you want a different path than them, try talking to them instead. I am sure that in the end, they will understand.

From Mr Rimmi Raminder

Al Ain

The pressure is actually more from society than the parents. It comes down to being an engineer or a doctor because none of the other professions are considered to be “worthy”.

From Mr Ajmal Hamed



One’s dream is bigger than the space that he or she is given. From the day we are born, we are told to always follow our dreams, but then we reach a point in which we have to make a decision, to follow the dream that we have been living in or to please our parents and follow theirs. Sadly, we live in a world, in which some parents choose to force certain dreams upon their children and by doing so, they try to create a person based on what they believe is right. That is why I am against the pressure that is put on students by their parents. The pressure not only forces students to do something that is away from their interests, but it also makes them feel powerless. Sometimes, students want to do certain things that will bring them a step closer to achieving that one dream that they have tried so hard to keep alive, but a simple “no” makes everything fall apart. Parents need to understand that we do understand your point, but you have to understand ours. We are trying to work as hard as you did because we want to succeed and excel, just because we chose a different path that doesn’t make it a wrong one. Students will forever have a certain dream, but it’s in your hands whether you break the dream or follow through — maybe it will evolve into an empire one day.

From Nouf Esmail


While most schools provide a variety of courses, depending on the various interests of the students - the process of choosing courses is very different. I am against the fact that students find themselves trying to cope with their parent’s preference of subjects for them. By doing so, a student does not develop an interest of the subject and might even be forced to abandon his or her life ambition. Some parents try to force their children into majoring in engineering or medicine courses as they feel it will ensure them a secure job and income in the future, but little do they care about the interest of the child. As a result, the child’s dreams are crushed and in turn, he or she will slowly start losing the interest to gain knowledge. By forcing your child to take a subject that he or she is not interested in, you are preventing your child from expanding his or her horizons. In addition, children might lose confidence on their ability to make decisions as they feel that they are incapable of making the right choices for themselves. As opposed to pressuring your children, spend time discovering your child’s interests and habits - play an active role in helping him or her discover their dreams, instead of driving them away from it. By supporting your child to fulfil his or her dreams, you are encouraging him or her to be dedicated and devoted to what they love.

From Ms Sruthi B.


— Compiled by Donia Jenabzadeh/Community Web Editor