Stop the strikes

Kerala is a well-known place for strikes and politics (“Kerala nurses on strike, bus owners to follow suit”, Gulf News, February 16). While a minority of people resort to taking part in strikes, which can harm the public, the majority tends to show a high level of patience. This patience is wrongly interpreted as the success of the strike. The nurse’s unions have been on the path of a strike for some time, demanding better pay and amenities. The underlying fact is that there is a gap between the demand and supply for nursing professionals in Kerala. An increase in medical expenses will deprive the poor from getting advanced medical treatments. It is imperative for nurses to observe how doctors are being recruited and their salaries determined. We can see that doctors are appointed purely on the basis of merit. Instead of equating this with the rest of their colleagues, nurses can fix their own salary according to their experience and professional qualifications at the time of recruitment. On account of the strikes in Kerala, many industries have either closed or migrated to other states. Kerala has a world class healthcare system in place. People should not reverse the progress made over decades. The demand for private bus operators to do away with student’s bus fare concession is legitimate, given the fact that public transport is not given that many concessions.

From Mr Girish R Edathitta


Kamal Hassan in Politics

After lots of speculation and media debates, South Indian film superstar Kamal Hassan launched his new political party in a grand manner in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, and this was the latest development in politics (“Tamil actor Kamal Haasan launches political party”, Gulf News, February 22). He was assuring the people of Tamil Nadu that if he comes to power, he will take care of the villages, by providing education and a good lifestyle for the people. The same practises were done by the Dravidian parties earlier, and Kamal Hassan wanted that to stop because of the rampant corruption. Tamil Nadu is known for celebrities entering politics. Ultimately, the people have to decide.

From Mr K Ragavan


Improvement for the attitude

There is absolutely no doubt that Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli is on roll for the present, and is leading the team from the front (“Kohli praises South Africa’s ‘calculated risks’”, Gulf News, February 22). The team is improving by leaps and bounds. But so is the case with his arrogant attitude, especially with the media, which doesn’t augur well for him and the team. This may not be good for ever and hence it would be better for him to practice some restraint. His antagonising the media and sticking to his guns may not work out in the long run. It is time he mends his ways, lest he would be known as Captain Glum.

From Mr N. Mahadevan




HAEDLINE: RTA responds to Gulf News community report

Editor’s note: The RTA responded to the report and said: “Please note that the pedestrian crossing minor settlement was in our roads maintenance program at Al Mankhool area, as we have a periodic maintenance program for these cases to be processed at the Emirate level. However, any reworks about the performance or status of roads assets can be immediately forwarded through RTA’s call center on 8009090.”

A dream of peace and togetherness

Many countries face terrorism, shootings, conflicts and other challenges globally (“Diversity makes UAE safer, says top official”, Gulf News, February 15). We feel proud to stay here in UAE in peace, in a secure atmosphere, despite being from different countries, and despite speaking different languages. The UAE is the best example of diversity, tolerance and equality for the world, where more than 200 nationalities are residing in harmony, unity and in brotherhood. One of the main reasons to stay in peace is the freedom to practise our own religion. No one has the right to criticise each other’s religion or beliefs; instead they respect the cultural values of each other and celebrate each other’s festival with joy and happiness. We all come together under one umbrella to show our patriotism on December 2, which is the National Day of our second home. The allotment of 14 acres of land to the Hindu community for the construction of a temple are recent examples of religious tolerance and equality of all the sects here in the UAE. The farsightedness of our leaders, their strong policies and wise leadership has not only kept the UAE on a global platform but it also assures the stability of the happiness index of all the citizens and residents. I always dreamed of a world where all human beings are united globally, holding one flag of love, under the umbrella of tolerance and brotherhood. I wish my dream comes true. I am proud to be a part of this great country.

From Ms Niamat Karmally


Eating skins

It’s interesting to know that Japanese farmers have invented edible banana skins in banana farms by using a new ‘freeze thaw awakening method’ to have banana skin softer (“Appeeling? Japanese farmer invent edible banana skin”, Gulf News, February 21). As report suggest, these will be available in department stores in Okayamya. These bananas are cultivated organically, without chemicals or pesticides. If the taste is good then these bananas will be a hit in the market and we hope to get this edible banana skin in Dubai soon!

From Ms Eappen Elias


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