Improve it, please
To call parking woes in Sharjah a nightmare is an understatement ("'Lack of paid lots forces us to park in sandy areas", Gulf News, September 11). It seems as though parking cards far outnumber the number of parking slots. These cards are issued according to the area, which makes a parking card issued from one zone invalid in another. There is an acute shortage of parking space and poorly marked parking dividers. The solution would be to increase the number of parking slots by making all roads one-way and creating parking on both sides of the road. The sandy spots could also be converted into paid parking zones till something is built there.
From Mr P. M. Iran Ahmad

Teach new drivers
This is with reference to the report based on a news conference by Mattar Al Tayer ("Dh1m award to help beat traffic congestion", Gulf News, September 11). I fully agree with his statement that the traffic congestions on alternative routes are due to "bad driving behaviour". It is essential that while training new drivers, importance should be given to good driving practices. It is important that drivers are taught how to maintain a rhythm on the roads. Speed limits and cameras at junctions are not the only solution to accidents and traffic congestion.
From Mr Prakash Chetnani

Salik success!
If you feel Salik has been a success, please come and live for a few days in the Green Community ("Salik system is clear success, says official", Gulf News, September 11). Every truck is now coming off Shaikh Zayed Road at Jebel Ali so they can get onto Al Khail road without incurring a charge. This has resulted in average wait time of 20 to 45 minutes just to get on to Emirates Road. The only way to improve traffic flow is to give people a decent public transport system.
From Mr Steve Halligan

Fantastic job
I am referring to the letter about the functioning of the Indian Consulate in Dubai ("My Experience", Your Turn, Gulf News, September 9). Considering the number of people served by the Consulate, I think they do a fantastic job. Let us stop being selfish and appreciate the wonderful effort put in by the staff. I have found them to be very helpful and they always have a smile even when dealing with difficult people.
From Mr Eugene M. D'Souza

The view that landlords are subsidising the rents during renewal is unacceptable as the construction cost was much less in those days ("Hands-off policy is needed in the UAE property market", Gulf News, September 4). Some landlords simply try to evict the tenants quoting renovation to inflate rent. The views can be attributed to liberal policies of the banks providing moratorium of one to two years for repayment of the loan. If banks tighten their grip, I am certain the landlords will not withhold vacant flats even for a day.
From Mr Ilyas
Full name withheld by request

My nephew's death
A number of years ago my 11-year-old nephew was killed whilst riding a quad bike. It tipped over and his neck was broken. He was in the hospital for two days before dying. I urge the authorities concerned to bring the practice of youngsters here in the UAE riding these machines under control. All too often I see them riding on streets with no regard for others or themselves. One life taken is one too many. Driving takes more skill than driving a vehicle in a straight line.
From A Reader
Abu Dhabi
Name withheld by request

Sharjah traffic has become unbearable due to a lack of lane discipline. Sometimes more than 10 lanes are formed in place of four or five. If this stretch is made into just three lanes by placing dividers, the way the authorities have "extended" Salik up to Al Mulla, flow will change immediately. It would even be better if all the lanes were divided and access controlled with traffic lights at intervals preventing cars from accessing interchanges at the last minute.
From Mr Menon
Full name withheld by request

Booking a flight
Since July 3 I've been trying to book a flight on the internet on Air India Express. Trying to contact them in their Abu Dhabi office is next to impossible. Recently, I made four attempts to book a ticket for my daughter and all the time after entering the details of my credit card I got an error message. Can the Indian national carrier come to our help?
From Mr Anirudhan Ramachandran
Abu Dhabi

The management of Air India replies:
We have spoken to Ramachandran, who has a complaint regarding our website. We have raised the matter with our headquarters and are hoping the same to be rectified at the earliest. We will inform Ramachandran as and when this is done.

Where to pray?
New mosques are not built and existing mosques are not expanded considering the increase in new buildings and population in particular areas. This leads to overcrowding in mosques during Friday prayer and people are forced to pray on the roads, thus blocking the traffic flow for some time.
From Mr Syed Fiaz Ahmad