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COVID-19: Safety first

Just when the whole world appeared to be returning to normal with the advent of COVID-19 vaccines, a new virus strain shook several countries once again (“Dubai issues new COVID-19 preventive protocols”, Gulf News, February 01). Now, it’s our time to take part in this global mission of flattening the COVID-19 curve. Yes, we have been getting used to the new normal, but the battle is not over yet. Let's not compromise the health of our loved ones by being irresponsible in our actions. It’s not yet time to be complacent. The world is still in crisis. The vaccine seems like a ray of hope, beckoning towards a brighter future ahead. However, despite this optimism, we still have to be mindful of our actions. Cliché as it may seem, prevention is better than cure. We have to follow health and safety protocols at all times and in all ways. If there is one thing our COVID-19 journey taught us – we are not immortals.

From Normie Al O Bognoson

Al Ain, UAE

COVID-19 in India

Despite the dip in coronavirus cases, Indians must not drop their guard (“New COVID-19 cases in India fall below 10,000 for the fourth time in February”, Gulf News, February 16). People are tired of sitting at home for so long. The government has reopened cinemas and malls, which are the main attractions for many people to go out. Compared to other countries, India has seen a drastic recovery. The cases are negligible fewer compared to November. However, expert opinions differ on whether herd immunity has been achieved. With vaccines having arrived and a sizeable number of people getting inoculated, perhaps we stand a chance to get rid of this pandemic as soon as possible.

From Mr K Raghavan


Tennis: Serena Williams chases Margaret Court’s record

Legendary Serena Williams has again missed a golden opportunity to equal the Grand Slam record of Margaret Court (“Down but not out, Serena Williams into Australian Open quarters”, Gulf News, February 14). If I am not mistaken, she would have missed at least six to seven chances, losing in semi-finals or Grand Slams' finals during the past two years. At the same time, Hats off to young Naomi Osaka, who has proved to be a stumbling block to Serena Williams, who bounced back to defeat the Champion player in straight sets. At this rate, I am afraid, whether she would be able to at least equal Margaret Court's record of 24 Grand Slams.

From Ms Janeki Mahadevan


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