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Patience and tolerance

Amid the current coronavirus pandemic, we are all staying at home. Our children are not going to school. They play at home so naturally; they sometimes make a little noise. We live in the Silicon Oasis area in Dubai and the person living in the floor below our apartment has come to my door three times to complain about the noise. My friends living in other buildings are also facing the same complaints from neighbours.
Can we educate the community that these are testing times? Lets tolerate a little noise. Everyone is stuck at home. We are not in an ideal situation; children cannot go out, if they play in their own home, they might make a little noise. Lets try to tolerate this till everyone can start going back outside?

From Mr Mohammad Maroof

Caring for others during this pandemic

The ongoing spread of COVID-19 virus has changed the world completely, and many people are facing hardships dealing with its impacts (“UAE resident builds ‘buddy system’ to help community members during COVID-19 pandemic”, Gulf News, April 12). We as a responsible generation can do a lot to make a positive change, with simple gestures and acts.

For many of us, our grandparents are back home alone and while they may not feel it, in times like these they must be feeling lonelier as movement is restricted and their routine has changed. Call your grandparents everyday to check up on them. Tell them about your day. A regular call will make them look forward for the next day and will help in driving away the loneliness they are possibly feeling.

Normally, we have people like our cleaners, gardeners, cooks, drivers and other available services that help make life comfortable. With their work and earnings affected by the lockdown, brighten their day by delivering something to them – a nice meal, a hamper of essential food items and other good that could help them during this time. With no househelp available, as people are social distancing, the entire burden of keeping the house clean comes on our parents. Take responsibility of your own things like making your bed, cleaning your room, washing your own dishes, ironing your clothes. Also offer to help with some additional household chores.

Most of us are ordering food, groceries, medicines online and are having it delivered to our homes. Express our gratitude to people who are helping us by tipping them a little extra than normal.
There are many families who have two to three children but may not be having enough technology devices for children to share. If you know friends who need extra equipment, help them out.

Since a lot of people are staying home, help make those friends or relatives celebrating their birthday special, by setting up a video call for them, inviting others to join. Call up family or friends in the healthcare sector or who are frontline defenders in the fight against COVID-19 and check on them.

Share your experiences, reviews and recommendations about new hobbies, books, television shows and other entertainment ideas to help those bored at home. Lastly, share positive posts photos on your social platforms to add positivity to the negative environment.

From Ms Riva Tulpule

OPN DOCTORS-1586167274627
A doctor tests a woman at a hospital, as part of a mobile clinic initiative by LAU (Lebanese American University) School of Medicine and LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital to provide medical services to remote areas, in the southern Lebanese city of Nabatieh on April 4, 2020. / AFP / Mahmoud ZAYYAT Image Credit: AFP

We condemn the attack on frontline defenders

In these difficult times when people associated with essential services like members of the media, healthcare workers and police officials are doing everything they can to save people, certain vested interests are trying to bring harm to them (“COVID-19: Attacking medics in India can cost up to 7 years in jail”, Gulf News, April 22). The media, doctors, police and all such frontline soldiers despite all the risks, have been tirelessly working hard to keep the people informed and are combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

The responsibility to disseminate news in an atmosphere where rumour mongering and fake news is trying to whip emotions is more challenging. There have been attacks on media personnel, which should be condemned by all.

From Mr Satish Mahaldar
New Delhi, India

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