Adhering to the law

Bechtel-Enka-Bahwan is committed to providing fair wages to its workers (“Muscat Airport project strike ends”, Gulf News, January 17). As a result of new labour laws in Oman, some workers on the project had expressed concerns regarding how their salaries are calculated. A considerable amount of time has been spent by the consortium, in close collaboration with the Ministry of Manpower, helping the workers to understand the laws with respect to their wages. The consortium confirms that it has adhered to Oman’s labour laws and will continue to resolve any remaining misunderstandings, if any exist. The majority of workers have now returned to work at the site.
From Bechtel-Enka-Bahwan

It is not the seniors’ fault

With senior players like Rahul Dravid, V.V.S. Laxman and Sachin Tendulkar, India has won many Test matches (“Dhoni hints at phasing out seniors”, Gulf News, January 16). It is only because of the nature of international pitches — which Indian players are not used to — that they get out or are not able to score runs. Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni should not blame senior players for the team’s defeat. Even Gautam Gambhir and Virat Kohli have not scored in the past three Test matches and Dhoni has also not done well.
From Mr Venu

Time to go

Does Test cricket have a future? The answer is no. The introduction of Twenty20 and one-day matches has made Test cricket boring. Senior players Tendulkar, Dravid and Laxman should call it a day after the fourth Test in Australia. I also strongly feel that Dhoni should be shown the door as he is not a strong leader and lacks technique as a batsman as well as a wicket-keeper. At least five players from the Indian Test side will cease to be regarded as Test players. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) needs to take stern steps without sentiment against non-performing players .
From Mr Sanjay

No appreciation

This is the most unflattering look ever (“Goldman pushes for electoral debut in Pune”, Gulf News, January 16). Why does he feel that he needs to wear everything at once? You can’t appreciate one single piece and ten rings all at once.
From Ms Kate
Boston, US

It’s his money

Well if it makes him feel good then why stop him? It’s his jewellery so let him enjoy wearing it. If he has the heart to donate something then he can do it — no one has to compel him to do so.
From A Reader

Use it wisely

Donate 4kg to the needy and do something good out of it instead of roaming around like a jewellery shop and inviting trouble.
From Mr Mos

A giant problem

I hope the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) doesn’t forget, as they seem to have, the plight of homeowners and business owners in Dubai Investment Park. It’s no secret that the giant and dangerous roundabout and meagre two-lane access roads into this community are horribly inadequate. Truckers, motorcyclists, mothers and children in cars are all struggling.
From Mr Rick Advano


The youth are easily distracted by things they see around them (“Focus: Overindulging children”, Gulf News, January 20). If they have proper control of themselves then they won’t get spoilt easily. I agree that children get attracted to things they see in their friends’ hands and that is when they get distracted. However, it is the parents who can put them in the right direction. If parents restrict their children from doing certain things then they will grow up in a proper manner.
If parents don’t watch what their children do and allow them to do what they want and purchase what they like then they grow up with demands.
From Mr Nabeel Mohammad