Help yourselves
International justice will never be possible because Israel has all the holes plugged (“Israel should face international justice”, Gulf News, February 4). Instead of looking at negotiations and all this talk about peace, we should look at stopping the war. Even as we say, “Israel should return to negotiation”, people are losing their homes. Palestine is truly a desolate country. America is not at liberty to help but the Arab nations can. Instead of looking towards US President Barack Obama, who has no business here, we should look to ourselves.
From Mr Simon Peter
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Internal differences
I am glad to read of youth idols breaking through hypocrisy and standing for India as a country (“Rahul Gandhi to visit Mumbai”, Gulf News, February 5). Their valour should be applauded and supported by other celebrities and the country’s leaders. With all its potential and talent, India still remains a ‘developing’ country because it is unable to operate as a nation. Instead, energy is wasted on fights among states and other internal differences. If there is to be progress, in India or other developing nations, we need youth icons like Rahul Gandhi and movie actor Shah Rukh Khan encouraging disregard of internal differences, looking beyond a politician’s personal agenda and standing tall as the people of ‘one country, one nation’.
From Ms Aisha Khan

Waste of paper
In many schools, once the midterm exams are over, the syllabus covered thus far is not included in the next set of exams. At this point, children are asked to start new notebooks for each subject even though the previous ones are hardly used. Also, the books are not used much for writing, but instead used to stick printed worksheets on given by teachers. It is a waste of paper and money, which is spent in buying the books. If schools have to give printouts, then why do we need to buy notebooks? The worksheets could be kept in a folder. There are so many unfortunate children in the world who don’t have a single piece of paper to write on. I request all the schools to stop this policy and establish a collection point where used books can be collected for charity.
From Ms Raaziah Hammad

Education at schools
I am very pleased to hear that the majority of parents these days are taking their ward’s education seriously. We all know that education plays a crucial role in our life, especially in this competitive market. Every parent wants their child to be educated at a well reputed school, but that doesn’t mean that schools should charge a high price for no reason. Many parents are not able to handle their expenses. Rents have decreased, but why haven’t the school fees? Additionally, school authorities have to provide more seats to accommodate more students. Many parents suffer as their children don’t get admissions — some have to send their children back to their home countries.
From Mr Mathew Litty

Bad roads
A recent bus crash caused the death of four university students in Quraiyat, Saudi Arabia. It was an unfortunate and sad event. Motor transportation is one of the major means of transport in Saudi Arabia, which is why fatal incidents on the roads are high. Some roads are badly planned and are one of the causes of accidents. The bus drivers, who are low paid and do multiple jobs, are also more prone to have an accident. Steps need to be taken to make sure that such roads are rectified or closed to avoid the death of innocent people. The drivers should also be properly monitored.
From Mr Mohammad Sadullah Khan
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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