Make a difference
I appreciate Dubai Municipality's initiative to collect old furniture and other items from people by way of a personalised service. It would help further if these items could be donated to charity.

Charities could provide volunteers. A day could be fixed once a month for people to gather their old items.

It is quite impossible for people who are not mobile to personally donate items to charity.

Additionally, the specific time during which most charities operate is in the morning and afternoon when most people are at work. If put into practice, a lot of people might welcome the idea.
From Ms Nergish Antia

A pleasant surprise awaited me on a visit to the Indian Consulate, recently. There is an appreciable revamp that allows for better hospitality on part of the staff.

More space is made available to the visitors. It was impressive to note that the Consular staff was extremely cordial and willing to extend help at any given time. Keep up the good work!
From Mr C. K. Srinivasan

Ride to work
To ease the traffic congestion, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) could generate awareness that would promote an increased use of bicycles instead of cars.

If implemented as a law, there would be a good chance that the traffic issues would be reduced to a great extent.
From Mr Roshan Thomas

Keep safe distance
Recently, I had the misfortune of driving behind a car that refused to allow me to maintain a safe driving distance.

I understand that everybody is in a rush to get to work, but I don't see any point in endangering lives because of this.

Though a police car was beside us in the next lane, no action was taken against the errant driver. If I had to apply brakes, it would have been a disaster.
From Ms Susann Behnke
Abu Dhabi

Spaced out
It's clear why some people are forced to park on pavements or sandy areas, due to insufficient parking slots.

If the municipality would only take a stand and not grant permission to residential apartments that do not have enough parking slots, no individual would be forced to park elsewhere.

Finding parking space is extremely difficult in Dubai, especially after a certain time slot. Something needs to be done immediately.
From Ms Ruchira Kulatilaka

Shifted impression
I shifted to Ajman from Umm Al Quwain two weeks ago. I was very impressed by the development in Ajman, until I moved house.

The place that I stay in faces a water shortage, which I discovered is a routine issue.

If the authorities intend for more people to invest in the emirate, something must be done immediately to rectify the issue of water shortage.
From Mr Bilal Ahmad

Easier lifestyles
Taxi drivers should be given a basic salary. They should ideally be allowed to pick passengers on their return from other emirates.

Time out in the form of a daily two-hour break would also help them unwind, have lunch or simply stretch, after a long day.

The taxis could have additional meters fixed at the back that would charge any extra passenger that is attended to en route.

This would help the company earn more and ease the hectic lifestyle of taxi drivers.
From Mr Tariq Syed

Matter of choice
To find a taxi in this blazing heat is a nightmare for anyone who doesn't have a driving licence. Where are the taxis, which according to statistics should be more than ten thousand in number?

I presume it's because most taxi drivers prefer areas where they can find customers who give extra cash in the form of tips. It's a matter of choice rather than a service.
From Mr Mazhar Mushtaq

Not worth the wait
While waiting for a long time for a taxi is the usual norm, what is even more irritating is the fact that some people force their way through.

This way, people waiting for a long time do not get the chance to avail the service.

In order to avoid such cases, the authorities should insist on a queue or a token system at important junctions and taxi stops.
From Mr Majeed K.M.
Abu Dhabi

Spoils of war
I think the US has always done and will always do what it wants to do ("US waters down conditions in Iraq security pact", Gulf News, June 11).

The rest is just a political smokescreen to avoid looking like the bad people.

The Sunnis were sent out of power so they probably won't agree to anything that involves the US unless it benefits them.

The US invaded Iraq and so it is entitled to the spoils of war just like it has always been. It's amazing what can be done under the banners of freedom and liberation.
From Mr Phil De Fontenay

Nobody is to blame
A real concern nowadays is to get a suitable parking space. If one decides to go out with family, it becomes an impossible feat considering there is another vehicle blocking their car.

And if there is no number to call, he or she is basically left sounding the horn, waiting for the rightful owner to respond. In the end it doen't get anyone anywhere, except contributing to the noise pollution.

Blaming such drivers is of no use, especially when there is no available parking space.
From Mr A. Halim Deen