Why must we pay?
The Roads and Transport Authority's (RTA) decision to waive Salik penalties is a bad one ("RTA waives motorists' Salik fines", Gulf News, December 30).

They have been spending a lot of money in disciplining motorists, including motorcyclists, and strangely here comes a notification that seems to pardon all lawbreakers. Why so? The law-abiding road users are being made to look foolish.

They are justified in their strong and furious reaction, and have rightly demanded a refund of the tolls for which they have been charged.

If authorities in their goodwill gesture can spare the lawbreakers, why cannot the law-abiding be shown the same courtesy?
From Mr Dharam Bir Singh

Bad gesture
I was surprised to read about the "goodwill gesture" from the RTA. What a strange decision! I think the RTA should grant honest motorists a full refund as credit on their Salik account.

This is the only reasonable solution. I am already suffering enough on account of the daily traffic jams, and now I feel like I am paying for dishonest drivers as well.
From Mr Louis Paul Querel

Setting an example
The decision to waive the four-month fines amid chaos, confusion and basic flaws in Salik's operating system is a big relief to everyone.

RTA needs to be credited for this decision as it is very logical and will boost the image of Dubai. We need to set an example as a city that is focused on constantly revamping and improving the system.

We hope that RTA will now come out with a reward system for Salik users, too.
From Mr Bernard Lobo

Give us options
The only real solution is to put an end to this draconian system. Almost all roads in Dubai are dug up. The RTA should refrain from levying any toll until they complete the road works and provide motorists with other reasonable alternatives.
From Mr Fajer Naufel

Wrong rewarded
I am stunned by the RTA's decision to waive the fines of Salik offenders. Their decision makes all the law-abiding residents feel like fools to have spent time and energy going through the tiresome process of tagging and recharging their accounts, when it was not necessary in the first place.

All taxi users from Sharjah have also been paying two-way Salik charges for their journeys to Dubai. It seems that the offenders have been congratulated for discovering ways to get around the Salik system.
From Mr Vidyashankar Samaga

Just and fair
I have established my business in Fujairah and have to commute to Dubai at least four times a week. As such I have to constantly pass the Salik tollgates, especially to reach Bur Dubai, as it is the fastest way.

After the RTA's declaration to waive fines, I feel I have wasted my money, unnecessarily. It's not fair. I have never been fined and have paid almost Dh124 since July.

If RTA wants to be fair and just, they should return our money. Otherwise the impression given would be that there is no justice for a law-abiding motorist.
From Mr Karim Inayatullah

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) have outdone themselves this time, by rewarding those who cannot be bothered to pay Salik. Fantastic idea! What's next?

Fine those who adhere to the traffic rules? Looking forward to an exciting 2008, where will the next Salik tollgate be?
From Mr Martine Chetcuti

Salik, not fine
I installed the Salik tag as soon as it was introduced and have been diligently paying tolls since then. I cannot believe that the RTA now intends to waive all fines. It's not fine!

This is a joke to me and to many others who have been regular in paying Salik. I insist that the RTA reverse the entire amount paid by me so far, by crediting it to my account.
From A Reader
Name withheld by request

This is injustice to all the law-abiding residents of the UAE who through respect for the authorities spent their hard earned money on tolls that are now inapplicable to those who flouted the law.

If the legal obligation of violators has been waived, it is then the responsibility of the esteemed RTA to credit all deducted toll funds back to the Salik accounts of the honest and hard working people.
From Mr Suranjith Ratnayake

I am sure there are many like me who have registered the day Salik was on and have been paying the toll fee more than once every day for the last six months. Is this how we get rewarded?
From Mr Faiz Shariff

True image
Salik fines reversed! At last a true understanding of Salik to punish the honest and reward the defaulters. Well done!
From Mr James Hay

Shocking news
I fail to understand how the RTA or the Salik system operates. This, however, is the most shocking news I have ever heard. What is the purpose of having a toll system if the violators are not fined?

And why should I have paid the fees when others are passing the tollgates freely, seemingly poking fun at me a law-abiding resident?

The world can sometimes be unfair, but Salik has gone too far with this. The officials should be questioned for their irresponsible actions.
From Mr Peter Shultz

No concern
All honest drivers are always left behind. The violators are always lucky. It must, however, be remembered that it is the violators who drive without concern for other road users.
From Mr John
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Wrong support
I bought my tag, filled in the form properly; it wasn't rocket science and paid for my top-ups. Why should anyone get away with not doing the same after it was clear how to do it and why? We are supporting the incompetent and the lazy!
From Ms Kathy Nash

This seems to be another irrational decision by RTA. What about people who have diligently paid for Salik tags and keep topping them up? Is this what you get when you abide by the law?
From Mr Yousuf H.

The decision of the RTA to waive Salik fines sends the message that it is acceptable to break the laws. This is a slap in the face for those of us who have purchased and renewed Salik tags.
From Ms Anita Calcraft

Don't believe
Unfair is the only term that comes to mind. As much as I would like to believe that this is an action of goodwill, it surely doesn't seem to be.

If there were teething problems and the first few months were a testing phase then RTA should reverse all transactions with no exceptions and start afresh.

Clearly this move of not fining violators will evoke a lot of negative emotions and outrage from the people.
From Ms Lisa D.