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  • Readers ask Gulf News' Editors questions and clarifications about news reports and stories.

Praising India

Gulf News posts stories that just praise India. Without any proof and justification Gulf News is publishing wrong news about the Pakistan and India crisis.

From Mr Nauman Malik


Thank you for your feedback. At Gulf News, we try to report incidents from around the world, including India and Pakistan, without bias and as they happen on the ground. It, therefore, means that sometimes some news will be uncomfortable to some readers. There is no propaganda involved against a particular country, or any intent of malice, just the stating of news as it occurred. Gulf News has not taken a political stand for or against any country. It remains politically neutral. However, that does not mean that it refrains from reporting news. Depending on who reads it, a news story could be perceived as positive or negative.

Gulf News

Based on facts

We have been a following Gulf News for past 40+ years and now to our knowledge we get to know the article published with regards to “mother forgetting her baby behind in the terminal” was wrongly reported (“Flight emergency: I forgot my baby at the airport”, Gulf news, March 11). Appreciate if you could investigate the matter and update us with your findings at the earliest.

From Ms Sara Sinin


The story was based on the video posted from the airport sources - the recording of the pilot speaking to the air traffic controller. Not a word was taken outside the video recording. So, the report is factual and accurate.

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