Limited coverage

I have been noticing many a times that the Pakistan news page is mostly covered with advertisements and there’s only half page of news. Does Gulf News not have enough news to share from Pakistan or this is due to some biased view since other countries are given full pages with hardly any advertisements?

From Mr Rehan Mehmood


Gulf News: Ad placements on a page are based on specific requests by advertisers. This is not something we allocate. So, there is no bias when it comes to that. As for news, we publish what is relevant, detailed and updated. For breaking news and real-time coverage, you can always log on to

Where are the crosswords?

I see that the latest editions of Gulf News no longer have the Cryptic Crossword within the main paper. Is this now going to be a regular occurrence?

From Mr Malcolm Bishop


Gulf News: The Crosswords are being published in The Views section on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday. Additionally, a full page is being published towards the end of the newspaper every Saturday. We hope that helps clear any confusion.