Dubai Health Authority intrauterine fetal surgery
EJADAH, the new value-based healthcare model launched in Dubai, will provide priority to patient care while reducing expenditure. Image Credit: Supplied

People must always be the primary focus of any value-based healthcare system. EJADAH, the new healthcare model launched in Dubai, will do just that by providing priority to patient care. This comes when medicine and healthcare systems worldwide have risen to the challenge of quelling a global pandemic.

Health agencies in the UAE too came in for praise for their concerted efforts in tackling COVID-19. Timely and effective treatment protocols, quarantine facilities and vaccination programmes prevented the disease from spiralling out of control. That the UAE never faced repeated waves of infections from mutant strains of the coronavirus is adequate testimony to the efficacy of the healthcare systems in the UAE.

Now that the worst of the coronavirus is behind us, the Dubai Health Authority’s Health Insurance Corporation has unveiled a new healthcare model that will provide a fillip to the sector by delivering the best therapy while reducing expenditure. This will be achieved by drawing up evidence-based guidelines and treatment protocols for medical professionals. Officials are confident that the value-based model will enhance health services and preventive care, leading to a healthy population while reducing needless expenditure significantly since insurance providers will have all the required data.

Preventive treatment

Patients will not only benefit from improved healthcare but also will gain from faster claim approvals from insurers. In addition, since much of the focus is on preventive healthcare, wasteful expenditure can be slashed, leading to healthcare sustainability.

That will be music to the ears of insurance providers, who had relied on a volume-based model. Since the drastic reduction in expenses will help switch the focus on patient outcomes and the value of services, it is a win-win for people and insurers. All this is possible with adequate monitoring by the health insurance corporation.

Another spinoff from the model is the implementation of newer technologies to detect diseases early enough to treat them successfully. Early diagnoses will also help prevent prolonged treatment, significantly reducing the expenses.

The new model will also ensure that all stakeholders work towards a common goal. And the goal is to accelerate the development of the health sector. DHA’s policies and regulations have been geared to achieve that vision, which will help make Dubai a medical tourism hub.