The ceasefire in Gaza agreed between Israel and Hamas is undoubtedly a victory for the latter. There is no question that the Israeli attempt to launch an all out attack and invasion of Gaza has failed.

The deal that has been overseen by Egypt has averted a possible ground invasion of Gaza, which Israel had been preparing for. This agreement restricts Israel from allowing its ground troops to enter Gaza. It comes after a week of Israeli bombardment, which led to the deaths of 162 Palestinians, including dozens of civilians. It has also badly destroyed a number of areas given the fact that Gaza is densely populated. The Israeli war machine showed no consideration for human life as the aggression took a high toll on civilians.

The agreement is guaranteed by Egypt and Hamas. Israel has agreed to “stop all hostilities in the Gaza Strip by land, sea and air including incursions and targeting of individuals”. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also praised Egypt for its role in bringing about the ceasefire. “Egypt’s new government is assuming the responsibility and leadership that has long made this country a cornerstone of regional stability and peace,” she said on Wednesday.

Israel has always followed a policy of aggression towards the Palestinians — one that defied many factors as much as the ground reality of the situation in the region. It has claimed that in its latest attacks, it managed to destroy “thousands of missiles”. Israel has also warned against any future military activity by Hamas and said that it will respond with force again.

There is no question that Israel will take on any opportunity to use its military might against Gaza. Such has been its approach as it is the easiest policy to adopt — using force against innocent civilians. Yet what Israel has to understand is the fact that the situation in the region has changed — and so should its actions.