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Watch: Rain starts to fill wadis, valleys in UAE east coast

Moderate to heavy rain hits Fujairah; more rain is predicted for Thursday

Image Credit: Screengrab

Dubai: Surface runoff from the recent rains saw gushing water in UAE's wadis again, drawing people to them in the Northern Emiratres.

A number of areas in the UAE saw heavy rainfall this week, with the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) forecasting more rainfall on Thursday.

The NCM shared a number of online videos, showing how the rain affected the areas of Wadi Al Ejeili, Al Manaei, Shawka and Wadi El Helo.

Runoff water is extremely important in the UAE as they not only refill dams for agricultural use but also recharge groundwater and freshwater aquifers.

But it's the gushing water in wadis (Arabic for valley, ravine, or channel that is usually dry except in the rainy season) that draw people to what appears to be overnight rapids in some wadis.

Meanwhile, forecasters said that strong southeasterly-northeasterly winds will continue to blow over the coastal and internal areas, with wind speeds ranging from 14km/h to 326m/h, and may reach up to 35km/h at times.

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The NCM also issued an amber alert in Fujairah from 2-6pm, and urged residents to be on the alert for more rainfall and strong winds.