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Get ready for 48 degree Celsius over Eid

Wear right clothing and keep out of direct sunlight, the national forecaster advises

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Dubai: Expect hot weather with highs of up to 48 degree Celsius over the Eid Al Fitr holiday, the national forecaster said on Saturday.

The weather will be “hot in general” during the upcoming Eid holiday, and humid by night, especially over coastal areas, according to the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS).

Temperatures are set to rise gradually from Tuesday.

Internal areas can expect highs between 42C and 48C, and lows of 27-32C.

Coastal areas will be a little cooler, with expected highs of between 37C and 43C, and lows of 29C-34C.

Low clouds are also expected in some areas.

“Some low clouds will form eastward by afternoon on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday, while cloud amount will increase over different parts of the country on Monday and Tuesday,” the forecaster stated.

Occasional haze can also expected over some internal areas during the daytime.

Meanwhile, relative humidity will rise in the late night and early morning hours, especially over the northern parts of the country. Fog or mist can also be expected over some of these areas.

The sea will be rough on Sunday in the Arabian Gulf, becoming moderate to slight during the rest of the period, while in Oman Sea it will be moderate in general, the forecaster added.

Due to the hot, sunny weather, the Abu Dhabi-based centre said it “advises [people to] avoid exposure to direct sunlight and wear appropriate clothing while going outdoors, especially during daytime”.