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Clip showing man refusing to sell Zayed’s picture goes viral

Carpet dealer says black and white portrait is in his shop since 1994

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Mosa Khan ,Afghani, refused to sell old picture for Shaikh Zayed even for Dh3 million .He said it's priceless
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Dubai: A video clip of an Afghan carpet seller who refused to sell an old picture of Shaikh Zayed has gone viral on social media.

The clip shows the man refusing to sell the picture of “Baba Zayed” to an unidentified Emirati man who made the clip. He refuses to sell it “even for Dh100,000”.

“This is Baba Zayed. This picture is not for sale,” the man says repeatedly in response to the Emirati man’s persistent offer.

Gulf News on Sunday spoke to Musa Khan, the Afghan carpet shop owner in Mina Zayed market in Abu Dhabi. “This black and white picture stands for history and it is priceless … I love Shaikh Zayed … it was put on the door 24 years ago,” he said.

His father, Abdul Khader started his carpet business in Abu Dhabi 40 years ago. Khader and his partner bought 10 pictures of Shaikh Zayed in 1980. Some of them were kept in the partner’s shop in Al Ain and others in Abu Dhabi.

”This black and white picture has been in the shop since its opening in 1994 when late Shaikh Zayed ordered the establishment of the market.

He claimed said Shaikh Zayed used to visit the market and bought carpets from his shop.

“Customers are curious about the picture and some of them ask to buy it,” he said.

“It’s totally unacceptable for the owners, partners and employees of the shop to sell the picture. Our love for late Shaikh Zayed is priceless,” Khan said.

Khan said he offers Friday prayers at Shaikh Zayed Mosque because of his love for Shaikh Zayed.

“I will not sell this picture even for a million dirhams,” he said.