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Ajman Police come to aid of disabled man who was duped

Police visit the man and help him file a complaint and track down the fraudster to recover his money

Image Credit: Ajman Police
Ajman Police come to the aid of a Sudanese man andrecover and return the money to him.
Gulf News

Ajman: Ajman Police returned the money belonging to a disabled man after a fraudster cheated him of it and disappeared.

Learning of the incident, the police went to the distraught man’s house and assisted him with the procedural to lodge a complaint.

Captain Fatima Obaid Al Shamisi, Director of community Police branch at Ajman Police, said that Al Madina police station received a call from one Rifa’at Al Haji of Sudanese nationality saying that he was a victim of fraud, as a man who had borrowed money from him had given him a cheque worth the same amount which bounced.

Al Haji told the police that he was unable to trace the man’s whereabouts as he had disappeared.

The police subsequently managed to track down the fraudster and recovered the money which they handed over to Al Haji.

Al Haji thanked the Ajman Police for their humanitarian gesture in helping him lodge the complaint and then pursue the matter till they were able to recover and return his money.