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What’s the latest rumour on watermelons?

Warnings have been circulating on social media about toxic fruit

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Watermelons are safe in Sharjah, confirms municipality official.

Dubai: Have you heard about toxic watermelons?

Rumours have been spreading in Sharjah about watermelons containing a large quantity of harmful nitrates that can lead to poisoning.

Shaikha Shatha Al Mualla, Director of the Public Health Department at Sharjah Municipality has denied the news circulating on social networking sites about toxic nitrates in fruits, especially in watermelons, that are sold in the market.

She stressed that all fruits and vegetables found in Sharjah markets are suitable for consumption and do not pose a health risk.

“The laboratory tests conducted by the municipality have proved that the watermelons are free from toxic nitrates,” said Shaikha Shatha.

The municipality also stated that it tested different samples of fruits and vegetables of various origins to check their safety and affirmed that they are all compliant with global specifications, with laboratory tests proving the rumours wrong.

“The municipality had taken samples and examined a number of food products, and after checking their safety, we can confirm that they are not contaminated with toxic nitrates,” she said.

Shaikha Shatha added that the food control section at Sharjah Municipality regularly carries out random samples of products in order to maintain the public’s health and safety.