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UAE forces support Yemeni Army in advancing toward Al Garahi Directorate

Al Houthis are fleeing the areas en masse and sustaining heavy losses on the Red Sea Coast

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HAYS, YEMEN: The Yemeni National Army and Resistance Forces, supported by the UAE Armed Forces under the Pro-Legitimacy Arab Coalition, Wednesday continued their advances towards the Al Garahi Directorate, south of Al Hodeidah Governorate, on Yemen’s Red Sea Coast, in the wake of the liberation of Hays district, west of Yemen, amid massive losses among the Iran-backed Al Houthi militias.

The Yemeni National Army and resistance managed to move forward toward east of Al Garahi Directorate, and controlled most of the strategic areas in the city, after ensuring their control over Hays and the strongholds used by the militias following large-scale combing operations of the plantation areas and surrounding districts, inflicting heavy damage on the coup perpetrators on the Red Sea coast.

A source of the Yemeni resistance told Emirates News Agency that the Al Houthis are fleeing the areas en masse and sustaining heavy losses on the Red Sea Coast.

He added that a number of the militiamen had surrendered to the liberation forces after the siege staged on the city of Hays and Jebel Al Dabbas.

The UAE forces are providing logistics and military support to the land, air and sea operations launched by the coalition in addition to the continued humanitarian aid for the Yemeni people in their suffering from the acts of terror perpetrated by the Iranian militias.

The UAE Armed Forces have managed to cut off the supply lines used by the Al Houthi militias to the liberated areas where the Yemeni forces found 11 long-range rockets and a number of tanks and military vehicles belonging to the militia.

Meanwhile, the pro-legitimacy forces in Yemen, through the Hadhramaut Elite forces, and supported by the Saudi-led Arab Coalition Forces and UAE Forces, managed to enter Wadi Al Masini and controlled the entry points leading to the coast, which are considered key strongholds of the Al Qaida in Hadhramaut.

Military sources have said that the Hadhramaut Elite Forces spread on a large scale and developed a number of military barriers to cut off the road to the Valley area before Al Qaida militants amid a military air coverage.

A military source added that the legitimacy forces are getting ready to launch a comprehensive operation to get rid of Al Qaida forces in all the areas used by the terrorist organisation in launching acts of terror to destabilise the country.