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881 drivers used police app to report accidents in Ramadan

The e-service avoids the need to wait for police to reach the site or go to a police station

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Dubai: More than 850 people have used the ‘report a minor accident’ feature of the Dubai Police smart app since the beginning of Ramadan, the police have said.

The e-service launched by Dubai Police allows drivers to report minor traffic accidents via the app and receive the police report for the accident within minutes without the need to call police, or even go to the police station. The traffic report can then be presented to insurance companies.

Colonel Khalid Al Razooqi, director of Dubai Police’s Smart Services Department, said the service has helped reduce traffic congestion caused by accidents and reduced waiting time for motorists.

“The service has helped ease post-accident procedures for 881 drivers in the month of Ramadan only. Using the service is very simple, it only requires downloading the Dubai Police app. With a click of a button, the accident can be reported,” he said.

Col Al Razooqi said motorists involved in the accident have to log in different details. Some of the information that needs to be entered includes number plates of both cars, the complainant’s licence number, photos of the damage to the cars, the complainant’s email and a few other details that will help the officers understand what happened.

He noted that people reporting their accident through the service should take the necessary precautions and move the cars away from the road to avoid getting hurt or causing a traffic jam.

He encouraged people to use the feature in the app as it saves a lot of time that is taken for a police patrol to reach the site of the accident. “Using this service will solve many issues on the road. Both drivers involved in the accident will have the police report sent to them within 15 minutes by email. They can then hand it to the insurance.”

Resolving conflicting claims

Col Al Razooqi had earlier said that if the two parties involved in the accident do not agree on who is at fault, each can file a report from their phone and the officers will look at both reports, which the system automatically links together, and then decide.

He added that if the police need more information to determine what happened, they will call the drivers involved in the accident.

Col Al Razooqi also spoke about another service offered in the same app, which notifies drivers about any accidents happening on any of the routes they are taking. “This service saw 256 users benefit from it in Ramadan. It’s a good way to notify people to take alternative routes and avoid congested roads.”

The service, he added, gives drivers information about alternative routes that they can take. Such notifications can be either in audio or visual format.