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DM: Green Text Eco results inaccurate

Fruit and vegetable testing device Green Test Eco is unreliable, says municipality

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Dubai: Vegetable and fruit testing device Green Test Eco, which is gaining popularity on social media, is unreliable, Dubai Municipality’s Central Laboratory said on Sunday.

The statement comes after social media platforms showed widespread use of Green Test Eco with the claims that the device is capable of examining the levels chemical fertilisers and pesticides used in vegetables and fruits.

According to the municipality, the Food and Environment Laboratories Section at the Dubai Central Laboratory, in collaboration with an international organisation, conducted an evaluation of the effectiveness of Green Test Eco and found out that the claim is wrong.

The Municipality compared the results of this device with the results of tests carried out at its Food and Environment Laboratories Section using specialised devices based on the standards and specifications adopted globally in this type of tests.

It became clear that there is a significant difference between the results of the device and the results of the municipality laboratory. The results of the Municipality Lab were confirmed by one of the best international agencies in the field.

Amin Ahmad Mohammad, Director of Dubai Central Laboratory confirmed that such equipment does not produce correct results and therefore it should not be relied upon.

“Such tests should be carried out by laboratory specialists using certified equipment that gives accurate results,” he said.

Mohammad said that the device — according to the company — is not dedicated to the inspection of pesticides, but is dedicated to the examination of nitrogen fertilisers used in the production of vegetables and fruits.