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Police rescue Emirati climber, stuck, in Fujairah mountains

Police dispatched a helicopter to search for the missing man, who was reportedly climbing mountains in Fujairah

Image Credit:Gulf News Archive
UAE residents trekking in the mountains. For illustrative purposes only.

Dubai: Police in Fujairah rescued an Emirati man who was stuck in a mountain range while attempting to climb to the top.  

Police said the incident occurred on Sunday, which was reported at around 3.30pm. In coordination with the National Search and Rescue Centre, a helicopter was then dispatched to search for the missing man.

Colonel Hamid Mohammad Al Yamahi, Director General of Police Operations at Fujairah Police, said the man, who was in his 30s, was soon found and transferred to one of the hospitals in the emirate to ensure that his condition was stable.

Fujairah Police have called on members of the public to take caution when climbing hills in rural areas, and to always carry a means of communication, particularly when attempting to climb high mountainous peaks.  

Top 5 tips for climbing

  1. Learn the basics of rock climbing on an indoor wall first.
  2. Inform the authorities about your activities, whereabouts and number of climbers.
  3. Consult climbing websites to get up-to-date information on local climbing sites.
  4. Bring a means of communication – a mobile or satellite phone, a whistle could also be useful to attract attention.
  5. Never underestimate the terrain or the weather. Rain in a distant area of the mountains can cause flash floods which can be channelled through the valleys.