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Farm worker killed, buried in a deep hole

Dubai Police team hunts down suspected killer in Asian country

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Dubai: Dubai Police have solved the mysterious disappearance of a farm worker six months ago, an official said on Tuesday.

Investigations found that the farm worker was killed and buried in a deep hole by his compatriot over tribal disputes.

Lieutenant-Colonel Ahmad Hameed Al Merri, director of the Crime Scene Department in Dubai Police, said there was no clear evidence behind the worker’s disappearance but they managed to solve the case and get the killer arrested in his home country.

The police were alerted about an Asian worker who went missing from a farm in Dubai in June. A police team found his belongings including a phone inside his room in the farm.

“The farm’s owner said he had two workers at the farm, one was missing and another left for his country claiming his mother is sick. We suspected the second worker had a role in the victim’s disappearance as he left the UAE the same day his colleague went missing,” Lt-Col Al Merri said.

Sniffer dogs and forensic teams scanned the farm but failed to find anything.

Another team went to the Asian man’s home country and cooperated with police department to find the suspect and then confronted him. The man confessed to committing the crime.

“He confessed to killing the victim in the farm over tribal disputes by striking his head with a heavy tool and buried his body in a deep hole far away from the farm and put animal wastes on it to avoid the stinky smell.”

The suspect guided police to the location and sniffer dogs found the body.

“Our forensic experts confirmed that the victim was hit on the back of his head,” Lt-Col Al Merri added.

The suspect is under custody in his home country.

“We don’t ignore any missing person reports even if it takes a long time. We have the ability to solve any mysterious missing reports,” he added.