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Abu Dhabi Police clamp down on witchcraft

Residents urged to help police break the evil spell of sorcerers as police launch awareness campaign

  • Public campaign: The cartoon released by police to warn people against witchcraftImage Credit: Supplied
  • Spellbound: Spells, magic potions and other paraphernalia seized from four people caught for withcraft recentlImage Credit: Supplied
  • Spellbound: Spells, magical potions and other paraphernalia seized from four people caught for withcraft recenImage Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi police are trying to break the spell of sorcerers on ordinary people.

The police have launched an awareness campaign called Amman, encouraging people to come forward and report anyone practicing witchcraft or sorcery.

The drive comes in the wake of complaints from people who say they have been conned.

As part of the campaign, the police recently released a cartoon (right) illustrating a sorcerer as he tries to con a victim into giving him cash.

Psychologist Dr Mohammad Au Al A’ynean said people who resort to witchcraft to solve their problems are desperate. “They go to people practicising witchcraft as a last resort despite being aware that it won’t work,” she said.

Abu Dhabi police arrested four people in the last four months in four cases of witchcraft.

Residents have been asked to report such people to the police immediately.

They can email, call 8002626, alert the police by sending a SMS to 2828 or visit the nearest police station and file a report.


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Whilst I think it's great that the Abu Dhabi Police are taking the initiative to try to tackle the scourge of witchcraft in society - we should not underestimate what a huge task this will be. Sorcery and witchcraft go back many thousends of years and the practice of such arts is very much ingrained in many communities across the world - and the UAE is no exception. Around 4 years ago, my husband got a call from some of his workers about 3 suspicious green cloth bags they had located in a hidden place within the work premises, the bags were obviously there for a reason as they had different materials inside them, and had been carefully tied with red string and concealed in the location in which they were found. The men were clueless as to who could have put them there and why, but when my husband went to open the bags the menbegged him not to do so saying that he would release the'Spells' concealed within - as a Muslim, my husband rubbished these claims, however he did refrain from opening the bags as the sheer terror in his workers' faces was apparent. As for the bags themselves, my husband simply slung all 3 of them in a dumpster and that was the endof that. That said, I think this really goes to show how strong beliefs in magic and witchcraft is here in this, and many other parts of the world.

Sarah Louise

23 May 2013 13:42jump to comments