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Guard in the dock for molesting co-worker

Suspect told woman he wanted her to be his girlfriend before he molested her

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Dubai — A security guard has been accused of making a cleaner sit on a chair at a college campus before he sat on her lap, kissed, and groped her.

The 26-year-old Nepalese cleaner was said have been called by the 22-year-old Pakistani guard to the control room to fix a mistake in the attendance records in December.

The woman went to the control room to correct the mistake in the time of her arrival in the morning, according to records, after the guard told her that there was an error in the attendance records.

Once she entered the room, the guard closed the door and told the cleaner that he liked her and wanted her to become his girlfriend.

The woman had rejected the guard’s request. The man then tried to persuade her and offered her some juice to drink. But when she attempted to leave the room after having the juice, the guard stopped her and hugged and kissed her. Then he made her sit on a chair and then sat on her lap before he kissed her again and groped her top.

The woman managed to push him away and escape. She reported the matter to the police who apprehended the Pakistani.

Prosecutors charged the 22-year-old suspect of molesting his co-worker.

The suspect pleaded not guilty and refuted his accusation in the Dubai Court of First Instance on Monday.

“That did not happen,” he told presiding judge Ahmad Mohammad.

The cleaner told prosecutors that the suspect summoned her to the control room to correct an alleged mistake in the time registered of her attendance to work.

“I entered the room and closed the door. He offered me juice but I declined and told him that I don’t drink in the morning. When he asked me to become his girlfriend, I told him not to waste my time. He offered me juice again and told me that he likes me. Then I thought that there won’t be harm in being his friend and I drank the juice. When I was about to leave the room, he blocked my way. He hugged and kissed me … then he sat me on a chair, sat on my lap and molested me. I managed to escape and ran away,” she testified to prosecutors.

A policeman testified to prosecutors that the suspect admitted to him during questioning that the cleaner was his girlfriend and he kissed her consensually at the campus.

The court will hear prosecution witnesses when it reconvenes on February 22.