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Explicit images expose man cheating on his wife

Defendant jailed after his stepson accidentally saw indecent photos on mother’s laptop

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Dubai: A businessman was sentenced to a month in jail for having sex with an unidentified woman and cheating on his wife after his stepson coincidentally discovered the stepfather’s obscene pictures.

The stepson was in the family house’s sitting room using his mother’s MacBook Pro when he came across several obscene images of his stepfather [the businessman] along with an unknown woman performing oral sex on him.

Other images of the Indian businessman indulging in sexual activities with that woman were also seen by the stepson, who instantly reported what he had accidentally seen to his mother.

The Indian woman reported to the police that her son was the one who had first seen the businessman’s indecent photos at their villa house in a gated community in Dubai in April 2015.

When confronted with his wife’s complaint and the obscene photos, the businessman strongly refuted the accusation of having been involved in any sexual relationship with the unknown woman.

He alleged that his wife and stepson had photoshopped his photos with that woman, whom he claimed he did not know, due to a pending divorce case between them at Dubai courts.

Meanwhile, the woman lodged a civil lawsuit against her husband accusing him of adultery and sought Dh21,000 in temporary compensation for emotional damages.

According to the accusation sheet, prosecutors accused the Indian businessman of having oral sex with an unidentified woman and exchanging kisses with her.

When the suspect appeared before the Dubai Misdemeanours Court, he pleaded innocent and described his wife’s allegations as baseless.

He further contended that the images had been tampered with and fabricated using a special software.

The presiding judge referred the seized images to Dubai Police’s forensic laboratory that examined the photos and confirmed that they had not been photoshopped or fabricated.

The stepson testified that he was using his mother’s device when he found images of his stepfather naked along with the unknown woman in bed together.

There were also other images of the suspect with women in bikinis in a pool, according to the stepson’s statement.

The court dismissed the defendant’s argument that the case did not come under the jurisdiction of the court and found the businessman guilty of having oral sex and exchanging kisses with the unknown woman.

The defendant was sentenced to a month in jail and ordered to pay Dh21,000 in temporary civil compensation to his wife. He will also be deported following the completion of his punishment.

The defendant has already appealed the primary judgement before the Appeal Court that will hold its first hearing soon.