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Dancing inmate strips naked in Dubai Central Jail

23-year-old beats and flashes middle finger at policewoman who tried to stop her dancing

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Dubai: A woman inmate has been accused of stripping naked, abusing and beating a policewoman who tried to stop her from dancing inside Dubai Central Jail.

According to records, the 23-year-old Emirati convict was dancing on a chair half-naked while celebrating some occasion in the jail’s open yard with other female inmates in December.

The policewoman, who witnessed the scene from behind a glass door, asked the inmate to stop and come to the prison office.

The inmate, who was dressed in a bra and a cloth wrapped around her waist, tried to explain to the policewoman that the prison’s director had allowed her and other female inmates to celebrate in the open yard.

While doing so, she allegedly flashed her middle finger in the face of the policewoman. While walking to the office, she also beat the policewoman before stripping naked and cursing the official and her family.

The other women inmates broke up the physical altercation.

Prosecutors accused the inmate of public nudity, assaulting and cursing a policewoman and indecently gesturing in public.

She pleaded guilty before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Tuesday.

“Yes, I did all that,” she told presiding judge Shaikha Hamad.

In her testimony to prosecutors, the policewoman said: “I called out to her from behind the glass and told her to come inside … when she did, she flashed for me her middle finger, cursed my family and assaulted me. She also removed the bra and cloth wrapped around her waist and was completely naked in front of all the other inmates.”

Another policewoman also testified that she saw the accused stripping naked and cursing her colleague.

A Moroccan woman inmate testified that the accused was dancing partly naked when the policewoman called out to her.

“When the policewoman asked her to step down from the chair, she showed her the middle finger. When she stripped naked, the policewoman asked her to cover up … the suspect cursed her and her family. She pulled her hair and assaulted her,” the Moroccan claimed to prosecutors.

The accused also admitted to prosecutors that she stripped naked in front of other inmates, cursed and assaulted the policewoman and flashed her middle finger.

A ruling will be heard on October 24.