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Angry driver insults policeman in Dubai station

The suspect told the policeman that the latter was not a human

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Dubai: An Egyptian driver insulted and physically assaulted a policeman inside Al Ghusais police station, the Dubai Court of First Instance heard.

According to official records, on November 6, 2017, the 23-year-old Emirati policeman was on duty in the station when the 27-year-old suspect came to claim a traffic accident report.

The suspect told the police that he had been visiting the station for three days but nobody had helped him.

“As I was enquiring about his issue, he lost his temper and started yelling. I asked him to calm down as there were other people around. He insulted me saying I’m not a human and that I am disrespectful,” the policeman testified.

The suspect tried to leave when the policeman asked him to wait till he returned after informing his senior officer about the incident.

“He refused and put his hands on my arms and pushed me away. I held his arms asking him to sit down and he scratched my arms with his nails.”

A 25-year-old Emirati officer who witnessed the incident said that the suspect was angry and insulted his colleague when the latter asked him to wait for some time, as there were other customers before him.

“He insulted the victim who wanted to inform the director when the suspect wanted to leave and then pushed him away several times and then scratched his arms refusing to return to his seat,” the officer said.

The suspect was charged with insulting and assaulting an on-duty officer.

The suspect appeared in the courtroom, but the judge did not ask him to enter his plea. The judge adjourned the trial to February 11.