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Employer can terminate services of an employee on probation without notice


The defendant picked up student and drove towards a desert area where he abused him at knifepoint

Copy of 2016-03-20T073915Z_1809993920_GF10000352644_RTRMADP_3_RUSSIA-CRASH

Civil Court orders flydubai to compensate brother, sister for parents’ death in FZ981 crash of 2016

XNE 141027 JAIL55

Fight with clients ends with one of the defendants falling from second floor brothel

Stabbing, stab, knife attack

Suspect, 23, accused of bid to kill co-worker, who is also charged with assault leading to disability

On growth trajectory

The passengers tried to enter the country on an expired passport

XNE_141020 Jailed man-Inside

Defendant took boy inside garment store for a photo shoot and molested him

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Apart from 10-year jail term, defendant slapped with Dh50,000 fine

Off the cuff

OPN_180817 IKEA store in Hyderabad_P3

We too are cut from the same cloth as the rest of our Indian countrymen and women. We too want to indulge ourselves before the novelty wears off

rest men woman food

The determination and single-minded purpose is admirable and I am happy to see these qualities in the younger set


The world’s come a fair way since my schooldays. That’s what I’d really like to tell the young coffee drinker in the cafe


We have already been warned by Hollywood over the years that evil aliens are planning to take over Earth and annihilate us