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Palestinians endure long, painful wait for their dead

Israelis punish palestinian families by withholding the bodies of their loved ones for several weeks

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Ramallah: Palestinian families have suffer unimaginable pain waiting for the bodies of their dead children which Israel holds hostage for weeks on end.

The Israeli regime punitively punishes Palestinians for the recent violence which has seen several Israelis killed by Palestinians protesting Israeli aggression.

It also withholds the bodies to prevent large funeral processions with ignited passions. Despite the delay in handing over the bodies, Palestinians still hold massive funerals for the deceased who regard them as heroes.

“We received my sister’s dead body as a big piece of ice, and we were given a couple of hours to bury her,” said Rami Owaisi, elder brother of Rasha Mohammad Owaisi,21, who was shot and killed by the occupation forces on Eyal Checkpoint following an alleged attempted stabbing on November 9, 2015.

“Israel seized Rasha’s remains for 41 days during which the sleep of the entire family was disrupted by severe worries that the detention of her body will last long,” he said.

“A girl stands for the family’s honour. She stands for enormous honour. A girl’s honour is worth the entire world.”

Rasha’s family finally had a moment of relief when they were able to bury their daughter.

Many Palestinians receive the bodies frozen like a block of ice and they suspect the regime might be harvesting the organs, although there is no way to be sure since the bodies need at least 72 hours to defrost and should be buried before that per Muslim traditions.

The Israeli regime usually hands over the dead bodies in the afternoon (Al Magreb prayers) so that the funerals can take place at night only.

Israeli occupation forces have been psychologically torturing the family of the Palestinian martyr Ezz Al Deen Abdullah Radad, 21, who was shot and killed by the occupation forces in occupied East Jerusalem after allegedly stabbing and wounding an Israeli soldier on December 3 last year.

“The occupation forces raid our home almost daily, draw maps of the house and threaten to demolish it,” said Abdullah Radad, the martyr’s father.

Ezz Al Din’s remains were finally returned to his family for night burial a couple of days ago.

“We worry over the possible demolition of our home but being able to rest your loved one in the grave is a real relief and a blessing from God,” Radad told Gulf News.


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