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Yemenis rally for freedom for protesters

Authorities urged to release 117 protesters arrested during Saleh uprising

Thousands march in the capital Sana’a
Image Credit: AP
Thousands march in the capital Sana’a on Saturday. They sought the release of detainees anddemanded that Ali Abdullah Saleh’s relatives be removed from positions of power.
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Sana’a: Thousands of Yemenis rallied the capital Sana’a on Saturday, urging authorities to release 117 protesters arrested during the year-long popular uprising against former president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Activist Fat’hi Al Baadani said the rally is also a protest against the government’s sluggishness to release the detainees despite an order to review their cases and set them free.

The delay is due to the fact that Saleh’s followers still hold influential security and military positions, Al Baadani added.

Yemen’s Human Rights Minister Huriya Mashhour confirmed the number of detained protesters on Saturday, but added that others are being held in unofficial detention centres. Youth groups behind the uprising that led to Saleh’s ouster say that more than 80 people are detained in such unofficial centres.

Sana’a radio said Prime Minister Mohammad Basindwa expressed strong dissatisfaction with several military, security and intelligence institutions over the lack of action to free the prisoners.

The radio quoted Bassindwa as telling a group of youth representatives that he and President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi had already instructed authorities to speed up the administrative process and free those held in unofficial detention centres.

Meanwhile, a security official said unidentified gunmen assassinated a security officer, Jaber Hadi Jaadan, in western of Sana’a on Friday.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity according to regulations, said he did not know the reason behind the killing, but noted that it fell within a pattern of recent attacks on senior army and security officers by al-Qaida militants.

On Tuesday, unknown gunmen assassinated a security official in Mukalla, the provincial capital of Hadramaout province, while a day earlier, gunmen fired at the car of Yahya Al Arasy, President Hadi’s press secretary. He escaped unharmed.

Earlier this month, Col. Abdullah Al Maouzaei, charged with hunting down members of Al Qaida, was killed when his vehicle blew up as he turned on the ignition outside his home in the southern port city of Aden. Lt. Col. Mohammad Al Qudami, who was the intelligence chief for one of the sectors of Sana’a, was killed in a similar way.

Maj. Gen. Salem Ali Al Quton, an army commander leading the fight against Al Qaida in the country’s south, was killed last month in Aden by a suicide bomber while he was traveling in a three-car convoy.