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Saudi man caught with sex videos of himself sentenced

Complaint filed by jealous wife

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Manama: A Saudi man has been deprived of a second honeymoon after a court sentenced him to nine months in jail and 100 lashes after his jealous wife reported his pre-marriage illicit relations to the police.

According to local Arabic daily Al Madinah, the man told his wife that he was traveling to an Arab country to take a second wife.

However, the disgruntled wife who had several CDs of her husband in intimate positions with women from various countries reported him to the police. He was arrested for immoral behaviour.

The husband explained that the videos were taken when he was a student abroad and had intimate relations with some women.

However, he told the investigators that he had put an end to all his relations and changed his behaviour after he got married.

During the investigation, the seemingly remorseful wife told the authorities that she was sorry she had reported her husband over the sexual videos and insisted that he had treated her well.

She attributed her decision to go to the police to her excessive jealousy when she heard that he planned to take a second wife.

The judge ruled that in addition to the nine-month jail sentence and the lashes, the husband will have to pay a 9,000 Saudi riyals (Dh8,800) fine and to sign a pledge not to repeat his sexual adventures.

The CDs must be confiscated and destroyed, the judge said.

Online comments blamed both the husband and the wife for what happened to them.

The wife could have just shredded the CDs and kept her husband while the man was blamed for keeping memories of his wayward ways that “had no place in his life as a married man.”