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Father of Saudi terrorist refuses condolences

‘There should be no compassion for a terrorist even when he is my own son’

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Caption: Salem, the father, and Tayea - Sabq
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Manama: The father of one of the two Saudi terrorists killed on Saturday has refused to accept condolences over the death of his son.

Salem Bin Yaslam Al Sayari said that there would be no mourning and that the family would not accept condolences over his son Tayea “because there can be no compassion for a terrorist even when he is my own son.”

“I do not want any sympathy or condolences over this son because he deviated from the right path and did not follow my directives,” the father said.

Tayea and another terrorist, Talal Bin Samran Al Saedi, were killed in a shootout with Saudi security forces in Al Yasmeen district north of the capital Riyadh.

The two men were in a rented villa when security forces surrounded the area and asked them to surrender.

The terrorists, armed with Kalashnikov rifles, tried to escape in a security patrol car, but a police officer shot and killed them.

“My son went to study in New Zealand and from there, he went to Syria,” the father said, quoted by Saudi news site Sabq on Tuesday. “He spent one year in New Zealand and during the two weeks he was supposed to come home for his holidays, he went to Syria. I did get in touch with him when he arrived there and I tried to convince him to come home to his family, but he refused. I was shocked and the next day I informed the security authorities.”

The father said that he had not noticed changes about his son and that he was always well composed and calm.

“He was a good man with high morals. I did not notice anything wrong with his expressions or attitudes and he was the normal, regular person. He was the fourth of my children.”

The father said that all parents have to be careful regarding their sons and to promptly offer advice if they notice any changes in their behavioural patterns or their attitudes.

“If they do not listen, then the parents have to inform the security authorities in order to help them get their children back before any problem happens,” he said.