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‘Stay green all summer’ campaign launched

Tips offered on keeping cool at home, saving energy

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Manama: Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC) has launched an online campaign to help residents “stay green all summer long” by sharing simple techniques for saving energy and protecting the environment during Ramadan and the summer months.

“This social media campaign is part of our efforts to raise awareness among residents about how to live sustainably within the specific climate and cultural conditions here in Qatar,” Mesha’al Al Shammari, Director of QGBC, said. “We look forward to sharing practical tips for greener living with the community over the coming weeks.”

The campaign has tips on five main themes, including keeping cool at home, saving energy through regular maintenance, turning daily chores green and environmentally friendly cooking.

Using the hashtags #StayGreen #Qatar, QGBC is informing residents about the importance of incorporating simple and practical steps into their daily lives in order to stay cool and conserve energy, the Council said in remarks e-mailed to Gulf News.

Alex Amato, Head of Sustainability at QGBC, said that regularly maintaining air conditioning units, dishwashers, air filters and other appliances was crucial in saving energy, maximising performance and saving money.

“For example, periodic cleaning of AC units will help airflow, which in turn will save a considerable amount of energy,” Amato said. “Installing reflective solar panels, awnings and patio covers will also help in keeping houses cooler and saving energy on AC usage. In the kitchen, water can be saved by washing dishes i@n the dishwasher rather than by hand.”

The campaign, coinciding with the y month of Ramadan, also offers residents helpful recommendations for effectively preparing and consuming food and reducing food waste.

“This blessed month is a perfect opportunity to take a closer look at how we purchase and dispose of food. Some tips to keep in mind are avoiding grocery shopping when hungry, which can lead to buying around a third more food items than needed,” Al Shammari said. “The same goes for cooking. We can also reduce food wastage during Ramadan by saving leftovers from iftar and enjoying them later for suhour. These practices will help to conserve resources and protect the environment.”