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Rain soaks parts of Oman

Forecast of heavy showers until the weekend

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Muscat: Rain soaked most parts of central Oman, including Duqm Port area, about 560km south of Muscat, even as Royal Oman Police (ROP) cautioned residents to be on guard near flooded wadis (gorges).

The Directorate General of Meteorological and Air Navigation has forecast heavy rain with thunderstorms in South Sharqiya, Al Wusta and Dhofar regions of Oman.

The Meteorological Affairs, attached to the Public Authority for Civil Aviation Authority (PACA), forecast also says that the heavy rain in the coastal areas of Oman could continue until the end of this week.

“It rained the whole night and in the morning but daily life is not affected, at least in Duqm,” Sri Lankan Chamin Gunarachne, who works for Khimji Shipping in Duqm Port, told Gulf News over telephone.

He said that there was no flooding in Duqm town so far but the rain did create slight problems in the port area. “More and sustained rain could pose problems,” he reckons.

“It is the area between Muscat and Duqm that suffers the most during rains but so far no adverse news has reached us here in Duqm,” he pointed out. Gunarachne said that there was a let up in the rain in the afternoon but heavy clouds overhead indicate that there could be more rain in the evening.

Meanwhile, the ROP asked people in the rain-affected areas to exercise caution.

“We would urge residents not to cross low-lying areas during rain or ensure that the water level is much below the red marking on both sides of low-lying areas,” a spokesman for ROP’s Public Relations Department said.

He also urged motorists to leave enough distance between vehicles during rainy weather.

“Amateur fishermen and crews should not venture into sea without checking the weather conditions,” he said.