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Oman police warn against use of fireworks

Precautionary warnings precede Eid holiday

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Muscat: Any sale of fireworks during the upcoming Eid holidays is punishable with a prison term of up to three years, along with a hefty fine of up to 3,000 riyals (Dh28,600), the Royal Oman Police (ROP) announced here on Monday.

In a series of precautionary warnings typically issued before important religious holidays, authorities also threatened to penalise the use of weapons in celebratory gunfire.

Cautioning against the sale and use of fireworks during the approaching festive season, the ROP statement urged parents not to give any incendiary merchandise to children, warning their use is not only unsafe but also a nuisance to the local community. Violations attract stiff fines and prison terms, it said, warning further that the penalty will be doubled for repeat offences. Moreover, imports of fireworks will be treated as contraband and confiscated under the provisions of the GCC Common Customs Law, it noted.

Offences pertaining to the use of arms in celebratory gunfire are punishable under Article 25 of the Arms and Ammunition Act, the ROP statement said. Such actions, it warned, can potentially lead to injury or death, with violators liable for fines of up to 200 riyals per shot. The penalty is as high as 300 riyals per shot if the weapon is fired in the midst of a gathering.

Offenders are also liable to be jailed for up to three months, the ROP warned.

Meanwhile, in a bid to crack down on reckless driving during the holiday, the ROP threatened to jail motorists for up to 12 months if found guilty of speeding. Offenders face fines of up to 500 riyals as well, the police added.