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Woman tricks man into stripping, blackmails him

Kuwaiti police launch investigation into cyber-extortion scam

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Manama: Police in Kuwait are looking for a woman who tricked a young man into stripping, then threatened to post the recorded video online if he did not give her money.

According to security sources, the woman, claiming that she was from Morocco, lured the man through a social network and, over days of contacts, initiated cyber sex sessions over video chat.

The woman removed some of her clothes and encouraged the man to do the same and to subsequently engage in sexual acts while, unknown to him, she recorded the video feed, Kuwaiti daily Al Rai reported on Tuesday.

The scammer later contacted him and threatened that the video would be posted online if he did not pay her 1,000 dinars (Dh12,865).

However, the victim did not initially believe that she would go online with the “incriminating” clip and refused to give her the money.

Hours after he refused her blackmail, he was shocked to note that some of his pictures were posted online and, fearful that the video would also be posted, he contacted the security authorities to inform them about the cyber-extortion attempt.

An investigation was launched.