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Kuwait bans women from working at night

A law passed unanimously by the Kuwaiti parliament on Monday means that women in the country are no longer allowed to work at night.

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Women celebrating the right to vote in 2005.
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A law passed unanimously by the Kuwaiti parliament on Monday means that women in the country are no longer allowed to work at night.

The law means that any job (with the exception of those working in the medical profession) between 8.00pm and 7.00am will be closed to the women of Kuwait.

The government also banned women from working in jobs that "contravene with public morals and in all-men service places at any time."

Kuwaiti women won a four decade struggle last year when the were granted full political rights and allowed to partake in parliamentary elections for the first time in June 2006.

Do you think it is right to ban women from working during the night? How do you think this will affect different industries. Do you feel this law is a step back for the women of Kuwait?

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I really appreciate it. From a different angle, you will see that it is not a ban but the right of women.It is according to Islam and Kuwait being a Muslim state should have done it earlier.No industry will suffer with this law and never think that it?s a step back.

Kudos to the Kuwaiti government for this step forward in preserving the Islamic tradition.

Yes. I think this is a right decision as Kuwait is a Muslim country and to protect its morals they had to take this decision.

Great move from Kuwait, following the Islamic rules.Should other gulf countries follow the same?

I think it is a huge step back to ban the woman from working night hours. In the USA the women work every shift available and it doesn't mean that they get spoilt. Why will it happen in Kuwait?

Yes, I think they should be banned at night and at all places where there are all men because that dishonors them ...Islam honors women by giving them absolute freedom from work because their husbands make money. Here in USA women wish they could just sit home and somebody makes money for them. Islam gives that to a woman, still it does not completely ban women from work, and they can work only in all women environment. No that would have no effect on industry as Kuwait has got almost no industry, it is mostly oil based economy. There are many countries where women work but still are poor as India where millions live below poverty line so industry is not effected by making women work, give them freedom from work and support them fully with what ever they want. Don?t make them work because you don?t want to work.