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For some, it is an ugly sight

Only positive thing is many men are encouraged to go to stadium, columnist writes

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However, for Qatari columnist Nouf Anwar, this trend was unacceptable and the sight of Gulf women at a stadium was “repulsive.”

Writing in the Qatari daily Al Raya, she referred to her “disgust by the sight of Gulf women made up and sporting tight shirts and outrageous colours.”

“Some dailies are pleased with this sight and go to great lengths to print the pictures of these Gulf women amid applauding reports that claim that their presence boosted the morale of the players and the enthusiasm of the crowds,” she wrote. “I believe that in fact they make them lose their focus as the spectators instead of concentrating on cheering the national team are thinking of the best way to catch these beautiful fish. The only positive thing about their presence is that many young men are encouraged to go to the stadium for even if the team did not win, they had a chance to win one of the girls,” she wrote.

For Nouf, the presence of Gulf women in a stadium was an ugly sight that did not honour local traditions and customs.

“I might have a slight mental issue and I may be not open enough, but I feel disturbed by the unsettling sight of these Gulf women. There is nothing to be proud about here and in fact, we are talking about the triviality and backwardness of our societies. I feel that some of the Gulf actresses who attended matches have failed to win us over in their dramas, so they have resorted to drawing our attention at Gulf Cup 21,” she wrote.