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Bahrain policeman killed in crude bomb explosion

A Bahrain policeman was killed in a homemade bomb explosion in the town of Sitra

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Manama: A Bahrain policeman was killed in a homemade bomb explosion in the town of Sitra, six kilometres south of the capital Manama. Yasser Dhaib was on duty when the bomb was detonated on Saturday evening at 10:16 pm, Public Security Chief Tariq Al Hassan said.

“The policeman was fatally injured in an explosion caused by a homemade bomb,” he said. “The police had to confront a group of individuals who were targeting Sitra Police Station. While they were securing the area, a homemade bomb was detonated in a terror act that led to the death of Yasser Dhaib. The explosion also injured two additional police personnel who were transferred to the hospital for treatment,” Al Hassan said.

He added that the police secured the area and examined the crime scene as an investigation was launched to identify and apprehend those responsible.
“Anyone with any information is requested to call the police hotline. All calls are treated as anonymous,” he said.

Yasser is the second policeman to be killed on duty this year.

In February, Mohammad Asif Khan, 23, died and other servicemen were injured after they were attacked with Molotov cocktails and steel rods at 10.50pm in Sehla, in the southern outskirts of Manama.

Mohammad “was targeted by rioters in Sehla who shot a projectile that fatally injured him,” Al Hassan said then. “He and several other policemen were securing roads and maintaining order in Sehla when a group of rioters attacked them with Molotov cocktails, projectiles, steel rods and stones,” he said.

He died on the way to hospital. A witness reportedly said that the steel rod fired at the victim appeared to contain explosive substances.

Sidebar: The interior ministry on Sunday morning said that three policemen were injured when their security patrol came under attack by “a group of terrorists who hurled Molotov cocktails at them.”

The patrol was burnt in the incident that occurred in Janabiya, west of Manama.