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Pakistan’s first female president?

A rumour on social media hints at Allama Iqbal’s daughter-in-law becoming Pakistan’s next president

Image Credit: Twitter
Justice Nasira Iqbal
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Dubai: Change has come. This is one thing that supporters of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) have been chanting since the party’s majority was announced in the country’s general elections. But, today, the rumour mills are churning on social media about another change in the pipeline — the country’s first female president.

While there is no official confirmation on the same, twitter is abuzz with conversation about Justice Nasira Iqbal, a legal scholar, being considered for the position of president.

Tweep @sabirgb5 wrote: “So is Pakistan finally going to have a female head of state? Justice Nasira Iqbal’s name doing the rounds for the next President of Pakistan. She is daughter-in-law of Allama Muhammad Iqbal. #PTI”

@Maqamiit tweeted: “Justice Nasira Iqbal, daughter-in-law of Allama Iqbal is being seriously considered for President of Pakistan. She could be Pakistan’s first female President! #ImranKhan #presidentpakistan”

Tweep @BefourMaryam added: “Pakistan might have the first ever female president under Imran Khan’s leadership. Please, you have to do it @ImranKhanPTI!”

There were others who were celebrating before the news even became official.

Tweep @zaryabazramalik wrote: “What a time to be alive. Imran Khan is prime minister. Justice Nasira, a female president. Love my life right now! Long live Pakistan. #NayaPakistan”

@SaddamHussayn_ tweeted: “Insha Allah Pakistan’s first female president. Hats off to Imran Khan, if this happens!”

Tweep @fatimazaheer91 added: “Pakistan might just have the first female president ever! Thank you Imran Khan.”

So, who is she?

Iqbal was one of the first five women to be appointed to the Lahore High Court. She served there from 1994 to 2002.

And she also happens to be the daughter-in-law of famous poet, philosopher and politician, Allama Iqbal. Considered among one of leading literary figures in Urdu and Farsi, Iqbal wrote around 12,000 verses of poetry.

He is also regarded as having inspired the Pakistan Movement, a political movement that aimed for the creation of the nation. The undivided India’s poet is also known for penning one of the most popular patriotic songs, ‘Taran-e-hindi’ or ‘Saare Jahaan Se Accha’ — a song that commands huge popularity even seven decades after independence and the partition of the land.