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MQM concerned about census in Sindh

Accused officials of indulging in propaganda

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Islamabad: Muttahida Qaumi movement (MQM) National Assembly (NA) members expressed concern over the census in Karachi including rural areas of Sindh claiming that a conspiracy was being hatched by the provincial government to show that the rural population in Sindh was more than the urban population via the census.

MQM National Assembly members Sajid Ahmad, Syed Waseem Hussain and Doctor Fauzia Hameed presented a attention notice during National Assembly proceedings on Thursday claiming that propaganda was being carried out to show more rural population in Sindh instead of urban population in the census. Globally, they said, urban population is normally seen to be greater than rural population, but in Sindh it was the opposite.

They further said that on one hand the government was talking about transparency, but on the other hand it was drawing up policies based on likes and dislikes. He said that digital mapping is being done in urban Sindh while in rural Sindh alternative methods had been adopted for census.

Parliamentary secretary Rana Afzal while replying to the attention notice said the census will be held with complete transparency.

Meanwhile, national assembly member Malik Shakir has demanded a stop to import of soybean from India because according to him, forbidden food items were being blended in it.

Federal minister for parliamentary actions Shaikh Aaftab Ahmad said that four laboratories had been established to tackle cyber crime and prevent tapping of cellphones,

Federal minister for CADD Tariq Fazal Chaudhary said that on demand of the PIMS administration, a medical facility had been established with a new emergency ward. The emergency ward treats up to 500 patients daily, he said.