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India seeks life sentences for Delhi bus rapists

India to press for life sentences for rapists who attacked a woman in a moving bus, in the capital

  • Students shout slogans and demand severe punishment forrapists as they condemn the gang-rape of a student inImage Credit: AP
  • Activists of the All India Democratic Women’s Association and Young Women’s ChristianAssociation (YWCA) and Image Credit: AP
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NEW DELHI: India's government, facing swelling protests over the gang-rape of a female student on a bus, vowed on Friday to press for life sentences for her six attackers and promised stricter policing.

Home Secretary R.K. Singh also said the government would pay the medical bills of the 23-year-old victim of the brutal Sunday night attack, who is fighting for her life after suffering serious injuries to her intestines.

"We will ask for the maximum punishment of life imprisonment and ask the court for the speedy trial of the accused," Singh said as New Delhi and other cities continued to be swept by an unprecedented wave of demonstrations by women demanding better safety.

Six drunken men were joyriding on a bus when they picked up the physiotherapy student and her 28-year-old male companion and took turns raping her. Afterwards, they threw the pair off the speeding vehicle.

Police say the woman was attacked with an iron rod after being raped.

Experts say a combination of abusive sexual behaviour, a scant fear of the law and India's creaky judicial system encourage such attacks in the bustling city of 19 million people.

Late Friday, the Press Trust of India (PTI) reported that all six accused had now been apprehended after a search for the last remaining suspect.

City police commissioner Neeraj Kumar had earlier said at a joint news conference with the home secretary that five people, including the bus driver, had been detained and charged with rape and attempted murder.

Kumar pledged a series of measures to "make Delhi safe," promising squads of officers would patrol the city, crack down on vehicles with darkened windows and zero in on drunken motorists.

"All hooliganism will be swiftly punished," the home secretary added.

The number of rape cases in New Delhi has risen 17 percent from 2011 to 661 this year. The number of rapes is triple the number reported in India's financial capital Mumbai.

Hundreds of people kept a vigil outside the hospital where the woman was being treated after several rounds of surgery. The PTI said she had been taken off a ventilator but showed early signs of infection in a "mixed response".

Kumar said police would deploy marshals on buses which are commonly used by women commuters.

"The (policing) regime that we are going to put in place will be very, very strict," the police commissioner said, adding public transport drivers will be forced to carry identity tags.

If there is any wrongdoing "we will catch those people," Home Secretary Singh added.

Singh also said the under-pressure government would take a "view" on the demands by protesters in several Indian cities for mandatory death sentences for rapists.

A parliamentary panel overseeing internal security said it would meet next week to review existing laws to deal with sex offenders.

The meeting will "deliberate on issues linked to incidents of rape", panel chief Venkaiah Naidu told reporters.

New Delhi's metro system reserves a carriage in every train for women, while several police stations in university districts have all-female staff to try and stem rising crime against women.


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India has reached this stage where a girl is so brutally gang-raped in a bus moving through the streets bustling with people because till now the lawyers of the rapists have always found a loop hole to defend their clients and more horrifying those loop holes have been accepted as well.Even society accepts the reasons bandied out by the rapists. Some of the reasons given for ‘justifying’ the rape are: 1. She wastravelling at night alone, so she ‘deserved’ to be rape. 2. She was dressed in ‘that’ way, so she provoked the rapists. 3. She was coming out of a bar, so that’s against the Indian culture, so to defend the honour of India, she must be raped. 4. She looked at him in an ‘inviting’ way, so she was asking to be raped. 5. She did not look at him, so she was taught a lesson. 6. She was travelling with a guy at night, so she was up for some ‘fun’. 7. She protested against some eve-teasing, so… The bottom line is that almost always the rape has been considered the ‘fault’ of the girl. Plus, the eluding justice, lack of trust in the police, politicians, and the general stigma associated with rape and the apathy of the Indian society as a whole leads to such incidents being brushed under the carpet. But, as the latest incident has proved, the problem is only increasing. The rapists are becoming more blatant, assured that they will escape or get a soft tap on their hands. Earlier girls were not supposed to roam around at 12 night, now it is 9, and if nothing is done about this, then it will come down to 6, 4, 2 and ultimately, the girls will be forced to sit at home. But, then with the incidents of fathers/uncles raping their daughters/nieces, I don't see where a girl can actually live without fear! Law against rapist must be implemented and the punishment should be swift. There is no excuse for a rape and only the maximum punishment can deter such incidents. The rapists should go through such hell and the result of raping be so apparent that no one should even think of raping. Even the death penalty will be most welcome.

Sreekala Gopakumar

23 December 2012 09:45jump to comments