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Dubai: If you are aware of a crime being committed and knowingly assist the criminal in escaping justice, or provide incorrect information to aid the criminal by any means, you are subject to facing a financial penalty, or even being jailed.

The severity of the punishment received by the individual convicted of aiding a criminal depends on the original crime which was committed. This is as per Article (287) of the Federal Penal Code. The UAE Public Prosecution raised awareness on this article of the UAE’s criminal justice law through a post on their official social media accounts on September 19.

Article 287 of the Federal Penal Code
Whoever is aware of the perpetration of a crime and helps the perpetrator to escape justice through concealing any evidence of the crime, giving related information, knowing that they are not true or assist him by any means shall be sentenced in accordance with the following provisions:
• In case the fugitive from justice is accused of a felony punished by a death sentence, the penalty shall be detention.
• In other instances, the penalty shall be detention or fine.

Several articles in Chapter 8 of the Federal Penal Code, officially referred to as Federal Law No. (3) of 1987 Promulgating the Penal Code, provide the laws surrounding situations where accused and convicted persons try to escape justice.

Articles 281 to 287 stipulate the penalties a person can face if they aid or abet criminals, by – for example – providing them with support in committing the crime, or hiding them from the authorities.