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Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment: One more matte liquid lipstick? Haven’t we had enough? Well, Nars didn’t think so when they launched these babies and after trying them out, we don’t mind the addition. The brand says it’s a liquefied pigment with a ‘zero-gravity feel’ offering full coverage colour and long-lasting, comfortable wear. The liquid is a thin, fluid texture that can be hard to paint onto the lips neatly; beginners beware. The unique doe-foot applicator helps get a more precise application because it is more hard than spongy. It feels weird the first couple of times, almost like using a small spatula to put on lipstick, but it’s perfect for shaping the edges of the lips accurately. The lipstick is a vivid bomb of pigment, which with some brands means the finish is dry, flaky and begging for lip balm. But somehow, Nars manages to make the lipstick feel relatively comfortable and soft. The formula doesn’t dry down completely, and it will transfer to anything it touches, but it’s a small price to pay for comfort. The wear time is phenomenal even with eating and drinking (even eating greasy Indian food), with only minor touch-up needed at the centre of the lips. I’m surprised more people don’t talk about this excellent product because I’m almost tempted to throw out my entire liquid lipstick collection and replaced it with this one. (Dh145)

NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss in Praline: I just have one thing to say about this product: Where have you been all my life? Just kidding, I have lots of things to say. Yes, this gloss has been around for many years, but I’ve only recently hopped onto the lip gloss wagon and the shade Praline, a soft brown shade, will forever be a hand bag staple. The product is described as ‘buttery soft and silky smooth’ with sheer to medium coverage. It comes in many shades ranging from very light pinks to deep reds, all with cute-sy dessert names such as Cherry Cheesecake and Tiramisu. Like the description says, the formula is indeed buttery soft, non-sticky and luxurious-feeling despite being affordable. It’s not super long-lasting, but it feels moisturising when it’s on. One downside is the sickly sweet, dessert smell, which can be irritating for sensitive noses. Picking the right shade can be tricky because what you see in the tube might not be how it shows up on the lips, as I have found with the deeper shades. But the brown and pink shades are easy to use and perfect for everyday wear. (Dh31)

Klara Cosmetics Totally Lashed Out Mascara: Every time I use this mascara, I internally say “wow” with a little bit of “hey, girl”, and proceed to add another coat. It’s just that good. This Australian make-up brand launched in the UAE last year and they have a great range of affordable products ranging from eyeshadows and lipsticks to skincare and foundation. But it’s this unassuming mascara that takes the cake with its simplicity and effectiveness. It doesn’t come in shiny, ludicrous packaging or have a brush twice the size of your eye; it’s a black tube with white lettering and a normal sized, conventional brush. Once it’s applied, it’s dark, volumising and lengthening, and does not clump even with three to four coats. The sturdy, thickly bristled brush gives just the right amount of separation to the lashes, making them look full and fluffy, and prevents the dreaded spidery look that can happen when lashes stick together. Also, there’s no annoying flaking or smudging to contend with. Cue Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up. (Dh110)