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Mothers can sometimes annoy us with their love. They want us to do things a certain way, eat specific foods and sometimes there were things we weren’t even allowed to do at all!

Growing up my mother refused to let me wear makeup. All my friends bonded with their moms when it came to makeup. They buy together, share from each other, but nope! Not my mom. She wouldn’t let me buy or wear makeup. I mean… I did it anyways, behind her back, and honestly, I looked ridiculous.

Today I understand. Today I understand that she didn’t want me to grow up too fast. She didn’t want me to ruin my skin (with my pocket money, I could only afford cheap and not-so-great-for-you products.) She wanted me to appreciate my natural beauty. She didn’t want me to depend on blush, eyeliner or mascara for beauty. At 28, I understand that clear skin and good skincare is the foundation that you need.

In celebration of Arabic Mother's Day, Gulf News speaks to UAE residents about what used to annoy them about their mothers then, that they are extremely thankful for today.

Lara Geadah

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Growing up, my mom always pushed me to do more. She encouraged me to dress better, study harder and even improve my fitness. It used to upset me a little at times, because I would take it as a sign of disappointment. Growing up, I realized her push truly elevated my character. If there are two things she thought me that really helped me growing up, it would be to always ask for what I want with confidence and to face life fearlessly. I’m very thankful for my mom and how she helped me pave my dream life.

Shereen El Seewy

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I used to get annoyed, when mom would force me to eat a tonne of fruits and vegetables. All the kids my age would be eating tasty junk food, but she never let us have chips or chocolate in our house. I felt like I was being punished. Now, I am so happy that she instilled these good habits into my life. I know understand that eating badly can cause illnesses. I am so glad she started early.

Mahitab Hosny

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What used to annoy me, was when my mom wouldn’t let me have sleep over at friends’ house unless she was really close with the parents. She would never let me stay out late and would only allow me one bag of crisps a week. She would also force me to have an apple and banana every day. It was a must! I totally get it now and wouldn’t do anything differently when I have my kids.

Zahraa Hachem

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Growing up my mom would constantly chase me with healthy fruits and food like bananas and salads. My lunchbox would be super green! I would always look around and see my classmates indulge in delicious snacks and it would make me so jealous! Looking back, I can happily say that I am very thankful for all those carrots and healthy forced feeding because now I have willingly turned it into a lifestyle and genuinely enjoy this type of food. I actively seek it and it’s always the first option for me whenever I go out to eat.

Tamara Youssef

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My mom used to always try to make me read books and I wasn’t interested and she used to buy me books more than toys and it obviously didn’t make me happy as a kid, but as I grew up I learned to appreciate the knowledge you can absorb from reading and how much you can actually grow your vocabulary, intelligence and become more of a curious person. So now that I’m older I thank her for pushing me to read more and seeding me with a genuine interest in the world of literature!

Joy Sawaya

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My mom used to force me to eat home cooked meals all the time. It used to annoy me when I was younger, because I just wanted to eat out with my friends, or order in. But now, that I am really into fitness and health, I totally understand the importance of eating home cooked meals. And today I look forward to the home cooked meals and appreciate it so much when I eat her cooking.

Jessica Cox

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My mom never used to let me watch TV for more than an hour a day and never first thing in the morning. She never used technology to sedate us. As kids it instilled in us that real life was happening off screen. Now in a tech obsessed world, a screen isn't what relaxes me and I don't look to Hollywood to tell me who I should be. It allowed for more important things and first hand experiences to shape me like family, culture and travel. It channelled my energy or desire for entertainment into sport or other avenues. I'd be waiting to get to school to go play basketball vs having that energy consumed by watching TV. It meant we had our own narratives to tell which helped me and all my siblings be creative and achieve success in our careers.

Suhda Amali

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It used to annoy me how mom was overprotective when I was younger. I couldn't stay out too late, or go to places that she didnt approve of, but now I appreciate it and understand that she did that out of love. She just didn't want me to be around bad people, so I am glad that she kept me safe.