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Have you met Gokhan Girmez?

He’s a jet setter, Dubai influencer and massive foodie. A man who has thousands of followers and is one of Dubai’s digital influencers. The fashionable Turk was born and raised in Adana, a major city in southern Turkey. He also has a hint of Arab blood in him, as his father is half Syrian.

11am: I wake up quite late, since I work late into the night. That's the F&Bindustry for you. I set a soft alarm, as it helps me slowly get up without feeling rushed. My entire day is go go go... so I like to take this opportunity not to feel rushed.

12pm: It is straight to the gym for me. I usually start with 30 minutes of cardio wherever I am in the world. My health is so important to me. I used to have a six pack. Now that I've started enjoying the food at the Galliard a little bit too much, I want to get back to my healthy life.

1pm: I normally eat something healthy. I like things that are high in protein and can help me with my health goals. I used to work as a chef, so I really enjoy cooking.

2pm: I get showered and changed. Usually something comfortable like jeans a Tshirt and a blazer and of course sneakers. 

2.30pm: I head to the office or one of our restaurants that I help look after. I love living in Dubai everything is so close to eachother and life is pretty easy. I lived all over, in cities like Istanbul, New York, Las Vegas, Slovakia and London. But I love being here in Dubai. I work as a Corporate Comms Specialist for Q Food and Beverage.

3pm onwards: My day is different every day. But the main goal is focusing on making Huqqa and the Galliard stand out in the Dubai food scene. I handle PR, Media planning, strategy and influencer relations. I also have a few other businesses that I am working on, where I needs to travel to New York, London, Turkey and all over Europe for.

I worked my way up the corporate ladder. And I know the meaning of a dollar, so I always give work my all, and my instagram content just comes with the life I live. I think it's very important when starting out that an influencer has a stable full time job first, and not aspitre to be an instagram star until they can fully make a real salary doing it.

12am: My work day officially ends. At this point I've usually done dinners, had meetings with the owners and much more.

1am: I like to head home at this point and wind down. Answer a few emails, answer my DMs and watch some Netflix before bed.