Sukhasana is a simple technique that keeps stress at bay and prepares the body for meditation Image Credit: PANKAJ SHARMA/Gulf News

"Sukh" means ease and comfort. According to the yoga sutras of Patanjali, "asana", or posture, is defined by "sthira sukham asanam".

So any posture that you can maintain in a stable manner for a long time is the source of peace and joy — this is the foundation of meditation. Of the four meditative postures, Sukhasana is the last and easiest.

Yogis have always believed in creating practices that enable everyone to achieve their goals. For those who find it difficult to sit in Siddhasana, Padmasana and Vajrasana because of the state of their body, Sukhasana is the answer.

This posture is for everyone because, unlike other meditative postures, you do not need to wait for years for your body to get ready for meditation.

Sukhasana may take a little time to get you into the meditative state. But if you do it regularly, you will slip into deep states of relaxation and the joy you will experience will motivate you to prepare your body for Padmasana.

Ideally, yoga practice requires you to be happy at every step.


  • Sit straight with legs outstretched, keeping feet together.
  • Cross shins and slip each foot beneath the opposite knee while folding legs towards your body.
  • Keep back straight. Place hands on knees or keep fingers in a meditative posture (as shown).
  • Breathe normally.


Though Sukhasana may look like a simple cross-legged pose, sitting regularly in the posture with the attitude of being in silence will help you de-stress. This "every man's technique" can become a powerful tool of transformation in today's fast-paced life, which gives people very little time to work on their health and fitness.

Sitting in Sukhasana will help you develop the art of unwinding and witnessing your thoughts. Over a period of time, this will make you immune to anxiety and stress.

Yoga is not just a cure for diseases but also a means to experience various stages of happiness and Sukhasana is the first.


Though Sukhasana is for everyone, beginners can practise by keeping their back to the wall as this helps straighten the back.